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Founded in Tribeca, NYC Flower Delivery to Manhattan, Williamsburg, Long Island City, Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights.
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Florist in NYC - About Gabriela Wakeham

Best flower delivery in New York CityGabriela Wakeham strives to offer the best flower delivery in NYC. Our fresh orchids, calla lilies, peonies, roses and premium blooms are hand-arranged and created for premier business clients and personal occasions. Founded in Tribeca at 310 Greenwich Street New York NY 10013, we are a locally owned NYC boutique florist strongly favoring flowers that are sustainably and responsibly grown.

We today offer the best flower delivery in New York City serving all of Manhattan as far north as 135 Street, with a special emphasis on our original neighborhoods of Tribeca, Soho, Hudson Square, the West Village, West Chelsea, the High Line and Hudson Yards, Battery Park City, Wall Street and Lower Manhattan. We also have extended our delivery service to DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Long Island City and Astoria.

Our people live and work in New York City. We understand the expectations of our sophisticated business and creative clientele, and our floral design caliber meets the highest expectations and standards. We work hard to maintain our reputation as a best flower shop in NYC.

NYC Flower Delivery Daily with Blooms Selected from the World's Best

Florist in New York City with delivery. High-end flowers.Probably more than any other major city in the world, New York City's wholesale flower markets have the most amazing array of fresh blooms available anywhere.

Each morning hundreds of thousands of flowers arrive from local and regional growers as well as being flown in fresh from all around the world.

We shop the markets daily and a result we can offer virtually any flower available including anemones, cactus, callas, calla lilies, dianthus, freesia, hyacinth, hydrangea, iris, orchids, peonies, phalaenopsis orchids, poppies, ranunculus, roses, succulents, terrariums, and tulips.


Local NYC Florist Delivery in Manhattan

Calla lilies delivered in New York City.We offer a huge selection of types, colors, sizes and styles of blooms. We design in both modern, contemporary looks and also classic, romantic styles. To be the best florist delivery in NYC, we believe firmly in freshness and expertly condition every blossom to help our bouquets be longer lasting. All of our flowers delivered in Manhattan are sourced directly from the wholesale sources only after we receive a client order. We never buy ahead or let blooms sit in coolers for several days as is the case with many competing florists.

Top-Rated NYC Flower Delivery with a Sophisticated, Modern Aesthetic

Our highly trained, skilled and experienced floral designers combine New York modern style with an old world boutique florist approach to create surprising, unexpected new combinations and looks our arrangements. Our best flower delivery NYC approach results in refreshingly beautiful blooms that are a unique find in today's over-saturated markets where many things look the same. Our designers begin with a classical look and rework it with modern ideas to bring out the beauty of the blossoms while emphasizing unusual combinations of color and texture. Part of the art of designing memorable floral arrangements is to surprise the eye with unexpected combinations that create trends and become new classics.

Floral Arrangements Delivered in New York City | High-End Design

Best flower delivery in NYC, we provide the freshest sustainably grown blooms in all of ManhattanAs one of the best florists in NYC, we love to take your vision and ideas and translate them into unique and personal high-end floral arrangements in Manhattan. If you would like to discuss a custom design or group of pieces, please contact us using this online form. If emailing is possible, it often reaches us more quickly than a telephone call, but either works well! If you have had an opportunity to scroll through some of the arrangements on our website, many of them can be adapted to your personal requests in beautiful and elegant ways.

We use the freshest flowers combined with our best NYC flower design techniques, such as using different color flowers, changing vases, using a container and color scheme with different blooms and textures.

Our master florists are highly skilled and versatile designers who are on the leading edge of new trends and ideas in and they can bring those to life in your custom floral arrangement delivered in NYC.

Business Flower Delivery in NYC

Gabriela Wakeham designer florists use the freshest flowers possible to create lasting floral creationsMany of our business, medical office and commercial clients in Manhattan as far north as 135th Street inclusing Tribeca, Soho, Hudson Square, West Chelsea, Hudson Yards and nearby locations have individualized agreements with us for weekly NYC business flower delivery service for reception areas, conference rooms and offices. We often begin by rotating arrangements from the offering of floral designs in our online shop and then continue into custom variations to keep the weekly deliveries looking fresh, beautiful and unique.

For office and business flowers in Tribeca, on Greenwich Street, Washington Street and Hudson Street, weekly delivered blooms can be created for public spaces including reception areas and meeting rooms, and also for executive offices and other VIP personal spaces.

If you would like more information or to schedule a consultation visit from one of our designers, please click here to contact us.

Weekly Flower Delivery in New York City

Also some clients who contract with us for weekly business flower delivery in NYC have more defined and rigorous aesthetics and interior design standards prefer. They prefer that we custom create arrangements according to their specific color and style preferences, and deliver fresh versions of these arrangements to them weekly to maintain an even and precise look.

We are one of the best flower shops in NYC and can custom match design and color standards, often indicating modern monochrome florals, and if over time these needs change or redesign is required, we are always available for creative florist consultations.

In other cases, clients prefer that we design and deliver flowers with an awareness of the season/time of year and adapt the weekly arrangements to seasonal flowers and colors that are appropriate for the moment and mood.

Many of our weekly business flower deliveries in NYC are for designer stores, showrooms, hotels and restaurants in Tribeca, Hudson Square and Hudson Yards as well as to DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Long Island City and Astoria.

For office and business flowers in Tribeca, on Greenwich Street, Washington Street and Hudson Street, weekly delivered blooms can be created for public spaces including reception areas and meeting rooms, and also for executive offices and other VIP personal spaces.

If you would like more information or to schedule a consultation visit from one of our designers, please click here to contact us.

High-End Flower Delivery in NYC to Celebrities Is Our Specialty

It is well known that New York City is home to many of the world's best known celebrities and we are a boutique celebrity florist in NYC impeccably serving a large and discerning clientele of film actors and actresses; singers, songwriters and musicians; television, publishing and media personalities; and, designers from fashion, home furnishings and achitecture. Flowers for celebrities must be delivered perfect every time, and in the highest-caliber most innovative arrangements.

As one of the best florist delivery NYC, we specialize in the upscale floral delivery market and deliver often to celebrity marquee buildings including the Dakota on Central Park West, the Richard Meier designed towers and the Bing and Bing buildings in the West Village, top addresses along Fifth Avenue and Lower Fifth Avenue, many in Tribeca including lofts and condos along Franklin, Hudson and Greenwich Streets, and to countless galleries and residences in the fast developing West Chelsea Arts District and new homes and businesses in Hudson Yards. If you need to send flowers to a celebrity, we are the perfect choice!

Top-Rated NYC Florist Delivery to Restaurants, Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

We offer the best weekly flower delivery in NYC serving the hospitality industry including restaurants and hotels.

The natural, colorful look of fresh blooms can be an esstential distinguishing decor element for restaurant interiors. Likewise many hotels use fresh floral arrangements in their lobbies, restaurants, bar areas and VIP guest suites.

We are experts at designing and delivering weekly floral arrangements in NYC to restaurants and hotels on Greenwich Street and Washington Street no matter what their decor and aesthetic.

We are a best boutique florist in NYC and can design in sleek, ultra-modern florist style or on the other end of the spectrum in more traditional, rich, romantic looks.

Also, we can design high-end floral arrangements that remain consistent in look each week to meet a rigorous interior design vision, or vary the look of the weekly delivered arrangements depending on season and seasonally available flowers.

Best Event Flower Delivery in NYC | Designed for Business Needs, Nonprofit Galas, Events and Personal Celebrations

We are experienced at designing event flowers in NYC for your business meeting, social function or party. Our aesthetic ranges from modern and sophisticated to rich and traditional. We have an eye for the unique, surprising and beautiful and have worked at most major venues on Washington Street and many other locations in Manhattan including Hudson Square and Hudson Yards. Regarded by many as the best florist in NYC we love the opportunity to express ourselves with blooms and decor in larger formats and are pleased to collaborate with your event designer, caterer, lighting designer, photographer etc. to create exactly the look that will make your event or celebration a memorable success. We work in Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Williamsburg, Long Island City and Astoria. If you would like to discuss an event with us, please click here to Contact Us. There is no charge for a consultation and we are always delighted to present our proposals to you in a polished, professional written format.

New York City Florist Delivery to Religious Institutions

We have extensive experience NYC flower delivery to religious institutions. The sacred and ornate environments of many houses of worship in Manhattan can be beautifully transformed by well-designed seasonal blooms and greenery, often in spring and during key holiday celebration periods. All religious installations are custom created, often in consultation with clergy and representatives of the congregation or a committee acting on behalf of the congregation. Our designers are pleased to meet for planning and budgeting conversations, and can be flexible with timing and availability as requested.

We Offer High-End Flower Delivery in New York City to Discerning Clients

Our client list is a veritable Who's Who of New York City's top Wall Street and brokerage firms, banks and trust companies, real estate and development marketing firms on Hudson Street and elsewhere, publishing and digital media companies, hotels and restaurants, fashion brands, fashion designers, showrooms and designer flagship stores, hair salons and day spas, art galleries, retailers and eCommerce operations, public relations and advertising agencies, event producers, corporate event and marketing departments, talent and modeling agencies, large nonprofits, universities and museums, churches and synagogues, hospitals and medical practices, business and political leaders, digital entrepreneurs, international diplomats and embassies, celebrities and VIPs including film actresses, singers, television personalities, fashion designers, artists, architects, interior designers, stylists and chefs.

A wide offering of flower delivery locations in New York City, including everywhere in Manhattan as far north as 135th Street, as well as Williamsburg, Long Island City, DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights

All High-End Flower Arrangements Delivered in NYC are Hand Carried by our Dedicated Team

Flowers themselves are fragile as well as their vases and containers which are breakable and filled with water. We can never use standard messenger services for our deliveries. To ensure that all floral arrangements delvered in Manhattan arrive in flawless condition, we have a team of flower delivery specialists who work by hand in small batches. Each delivery person follows though all the way to the recipient/customer to make sure everything arrives in perfect condition and completely fresh.

How Long Should Your Fresh Blooms Last?

This is a question we are asked often and there is no simple answer! Have you ever noticed that almost everything you purchase from a food market has a freshness date, except for fresh fruits and vegetables? This is because natural objects react to many factors in terms of how long they last. One thing we can guarantee is that we do everything possible on our end to deliver the freshest blooms to your event, office or home. We buy from wholesale markets only after we have received your order, we never buy ahead nor let things sit around in coolers like many florists, and we expertly condition every stem by hand as it enters our design studio. In terms of what you can do once your flowers arrive to help make them last longer, try to keep them away from direct sunlight, away from warmer/high temperatures and of course keep them in plenty of water. There can be other advice about adding things to the water, etc. and if you have a preferred technique please follow it! But please do keep in mind the importance of avoiding sunlight and warmer temperatures, and always keep the water fresh and filled!

A Sensible Approach to Pricing our Floral Arrangements Delivered in NYC

There are shops in New York City with much higher prices than ours and also online services with heavily discounted prices. Our pricing philosophy is based on the idea that you never feel disappointed about sending the best, freshest and most beautiful flower delivery in New York City with beautifully designed arrangements. We base our prices on the lowest, fairest amount needed to deliver superior quality every time, in every arrangement, no matter what size the order and season of the year. We shop our competitors continuously to benchmark our prices and make sure we are offering the best value ratio for flowers in terms of price versus quality. We feel our fast growing business and list of repeat customers and clients is important verification that our prices are fair and our quality is second to none.

Luxury Flowers Delivered in Manhattan - How are they Special?

Luxury flower arrangements for NYC delivery are sometimes larger in size than other arrangements but much more often it has to do with being more lush than ordinary arrangements. Lush refers to the number of stems that are packed into the vase. Lushness is generally more visibly exciting and also highlights the beauty of the blossoms themselves by expressing the color, texture and shape in a more concentrated manner visually. Luxury can also be expressed in choice of stems when creating the arrangements. In modern floral arrangements, orchids would be an example of a luxury bloom. In traditional and romantic arrangements, peonies and certain types of roses are often considered luxury blossoms. Often times, people who have greater love and value for flowers in their lives gravitate toward super lush, luxury arrangements and the special floral varieties that go into them.

High-End Florist Delivery to Manhattan - How is it Different?

Over time many products that we use in life become commodities of a sort. This means they function in a certain manner repeatedly without change and can over time become stale and uninteresting. A designer's point-of-view and sensibility can disrupt the status quo and bring welcome changes to the look and function of a product. Our floral designers take exactly this transformative approach with the high-end flowers we deliver in New York City. They begin by becoming well trained and highly skilled in classic arranging techniques, but then challenge themselves to re-think things and propose new design ideas and solutions to advance the art and practice of modern floral design. These new ideas about how to design flowers come through in the innovative and dynamic arrangements we offer in our flower store and also in our custom arrangements and event designs. Working at the highest caliber possible is always our goal.

Flower Delivery in NYC to Business and Homes Can Improve Quality of Life

It's reasonable to consider what flowers can add to your quality of life and if they are worth the investment? Our conclusion is simple: it's because they bring joy and happiness in a unique and special manner. It's no secret that the luxuries of the modern city are light, space and calm. The presence of those three elements to create an urban oasis are central to happiness and well being. Fresh blooms are a wonderful addition to enhance all of those qualities in your urban environment. You can define your version of joy and happiness as expressed through blossoms, and our arrangements in a variety of styles and colors can help you create that vibe. Maybe you like bright, bold, saturated colors like our tulips, calla lilies and roses? Or perhaps you like something more calming and gentle like our zen white garden arrangement or one of our terrariums? Other options are soft, easy pastels or the serene, peaceful, modern look of pure, clean white such as the look of our Cream Delight arrangements of roses and orchids. People smile instantly when they see fresh flowers and they are a symbol of joy and happiness. Let us help improve your Quality of Life!

Interesting Things we have Discovered about Flowers Delivered in NYC Since Opening our Business

Founded at 310 Greenwich Street 10013 in Tribeca, and continuing to place an emphasis on our original neighborhooods of Tribeca, Soho, Hudson Square, Battery Park City, lower Manhattan, the Financial District and Wall Street, Gabriela Wakeham's vision is to offer an approach to flowers that is young, fun, surprising and beautiful. Our ideas are about modernity and serving a broad range of business and commercial clients, but also about contemporary romance and friendship in terms of pieces created for personal occasions. Our contemporary floral design approach is to be artisinal and sustainable, we use blooms grown responsibly and close by whenever possible. We also try to design and offer arrangements that are unique and unlike things you see at many other florists. The result -- what we have learned -- is that our approach has quickly brought us a loyal and enthusiastic following. We have also discovered that our clientele is younger, more creative and quite financially independent. In other words, people who have knowledge of many options for flowers and have the means to select whichever florist they desire, and overwhelmingly their choice is us. For that we feel flattered and very grateful!

NYCs Best Florist Delivery | Our Mission is to Help You Make a Great Impression with Flowers!

Our high end floral arrangements are perfect to send in New York City for business needs as well as anniversaries, birthdays, congratulations, engagements, friendship, funeral, wake, I love you, new baby, romance, or sympathy. We are a NYC boutique florist that is locally owned and we take flowers, preference for responsible growing, floral design and hand-delivery very seriously to make sure our commitment to excellence comes through in every arrangement we send. We want you and the people to whom you send flowers to be completely delighted with the results, every time!


"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."

- ArchitecturalDigest.com - July 2017