Essential Modern Flowers in White | Anemones in a Lush Arrangement

Shockingly beautiful contemporary floral arrangement. Mono-flower styling in essential white. Most popular bouquet of anemones. One-of-a-kind designer modern flowers. Celebrity and VIP gifts. Same-day flowers for the fashion and design communities in New York City.
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Gabriela`s Luxury Essentials
Anemones in White
Bountiful and Extra Lush

A Timeless Modern Design Effortlessly Expressing the Utmost Luxury and Refinement

Perfect blooms artfully arranged at their peak of beauty can be the most visually impactful. These generously styled premium anemones exude a natural luxuriousness that is not easy to put into words. They are an undeniably impressive gift and suitable for anyone who is accustomed to the best. Often ordered for designers, artists, celebrities and VIPs, this high-end floral arrangement is an homage to the exceptional singular beauty of erach blossom. One of our Gabriela Wakeham signature mono-flower looks, it is without a doubt Instagram worthy and already has received five-star reviews.

Confident Styling in a Strong Mono-Flower Look that Instantly is a Contemporary Classic

The incredible bloom and petal structure of the anemone never has been more on display than in this straightforward yet extraordinary floral arrangement. It takes confidence and precise styling to achieve a look of this caliber using 100-percent flowers and no filler. Quite simply, it advances better floral design to new heights and becomes a style icon appropriate for so many occasions, both personal and corporate. Highly recommended by our creative directors, thgis also is a great suggestion if you already have sent more traditional bouquets to someone and now want to try something more unique.