Black Forest Calla Lilies and Soft Pink Orchids | Dramatic Purple

Moody and indulgent these black calla lilies and soft pink orchids totally channel the vibe of modern passion and romance. This is a floral arrangement unlike any other. It will shake things up and make a statement when you send it. Truly unique.
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Dramatic Purple Modern
Contrasting Calla Lilies and Orchids
Perfect for Romance & Friendship

An Unconventional and Beautifully Intense Look When You Want to Send Something Different

Exploring and trying new things are cornerstones of our creative philosophy. The delicious Dramatic Purple flower arrangement is a prime example of this way of working. It is an artful mix of expensive black forest calla lilies and soft pink orchids that truly is a study in contemporary elegance. This signature creation is proudly the work of New York floral designers at the top of their game. In some ways brash and eye-catching, it is at the same time completely tasteful and refined. This is a floral style celebrating creative people and their influence. Because we design everything in-house, these upscale purple flowers are something you won`t find anywhere else.

The Unique and Singlular Black Forest Calla Lily is on Extraordinary Display in this Modern Bouquet

The striking appearance of Dramatic Purple is a tour de force of power styling. This means intense, saturated colors mixed together and significant difference between the shape and texture of the flowers included. It is a decidedly bold combination that achieves surprising balance and harmony. Capturing the mood and feeling of certain moments is the idea behind this sort of floral design, and is one we champion as an online high-end flower boutique in New York City. With 24/7 ordering available on our secure website, it never has been easier and faster to send emotionally impactful flowers to an important person in your life.