Sheer Extravagance in Flowers | Cascading Orchids and Calla Lilies

Tastefully opulent and utterly joyful describe these overflowing pink and hot pink orchids and calla lilies. These are great flowers for you to send to strong, independent women who will love their boldness and beautiful. They are happy, joyful, luxurious.
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Cascading Calla Lilies and Orchids
Ultra Luxury Opulent Flowers
Distinctive Beveled Mirrored Vase

One of Our Most Shockingly Beautiful and Supremely Luxurious Creations

Overflowing deep pink orchids and calla lilies in a luxury floral arrangement that packs a powerful punch of color and nearly overwhelming opulence. It is deliciously luxurious and indulgent; a perennial stand-out in the ultra high-end  category. This one really is for celebrities, VIPs and socialites ideally. It has been delivered in New York City to many addresses on Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue. Another interesting quality of this flamboyant and grandiose piece is its ability to read differently to different people. It is both beautiful and a conversation starter. Absolutely perfect for anyone accustomed to receiving the finest flowers.

Over-the-Top Flowers of Distinction for Celebrities and Socialites at the Highest Levels

Cymbidium orchids, phalaenopsis orchids and expensive calla lilies all in hot pink are among the upscale blooms packed into this larger piece that includes more stems than many others. Its low and longer beveled mirrored vase is an expensive add-on that few florists in NYC would automatically include as part of the package. Loaded with pizzazz and a visual earthquake of beauty, this design is stupendous and out of the ordinary in every way. It can be a focal point in so many spots around a fine home, and might look especially memorable if placed as a centerpiece on a larger dining room table. Same-day orders can be available during any time of the year.