As Fun as They are Modern | Mini Calla LIlies

You can order a generous and plush arrangement of the nicest mini calla lilies in yellow, pink or white. They are an unusual choice in calla lilies and fit perfectly on desktops at work. Order these for same-day gift delivery in New York City.
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Clean Look Mini Calla Lilies
Available in Three Colors
Fun, Elegant, Contemporary Gift

A New Way to Enjoy the Regal Beauty of the Calla Lily | Send Contemporary, Fun Mini Callas

Whosoever thinks modern flowers always are serious hasn`t looked at our fun, contemporary mini calla lilies. They have an undeniable winning charm, nearly winking at you from their upscale vase. With all the glamour of their larger counterparts, mini callas have more accessible pricing and they are an awesome look on desks at work and for so many spots at home. Wherever you place them, they bring a bright and cheerful presence. If you`re ordering down-to-the-wire, they often can be available for same-day delivery. Among gifting options, these are great suggestions for a range of people and styles.  

Try Sending this Unique Smaller Version of One of the World`s Most Special Flowers

Pinterest already loves this look, it has been widely shared, and many glowing client reviews make them an ideal contemporary bouquet for the next time you want to send a treat to your special person. Mini calla lilies also have the advantage of being somewhat surprising because only recently have they begun to be more widely sent. This is a floral arrangement more about feeling -- happiness, good fortune and smiles. Try them as a fun surprise for people already accustomed to receiving flowers as a look that`s newer and less expected. If you really want to go all out, send two arrangements of mini callas to beautifully flower-up someone`s office or home.