Phalaenopsis Orchids | Modern Clean Look Design

Extraordinary value price on a highest quality corporate floral arrangement featuring upscale orchids. One of the most popular corporate floral gifts you can send in New York City. Its artful and high-end design are unlike anything else you will find at this price.
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Clean Look Orchids | Top-Rated Design
Available in Three Color Choices
Perfect for Corporate Colleagues

Highest Quality Orchids in an Exclusive and One-of-a-Kind Design

Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design`s Clean Look style is an affordable high-end flower arrangement for corporate and personal gifts, and it is appropriate for women or men. Clean Look is available in three color choices and is sized perfectly for office or desktop. In fact, clients consistently make it one of the most popular floral gifts.

In this refined and perfectly balanced high-end orchid arrangement, a stem of phalaenopsis is artfully positioned in a clear rectangular vase with a grass loop. In many ways it effortlessly evokes 20th Century modernism. The life of chilled martinis, chic designer gowns and fashionable tuxes all symbolized in one look. White is its signature color, but if you prefer a softer, more romantic hue, the Clean Look design is also available in pink and magenta. We genuinely strive to be the best florist NYC and no matter which color you choose, we individually select the finest blooms by hand to make up this graceful, exclusive creation.

Thinking about placement, Clean Look can be the perfect decorative accent for an entryway table, office lobby or concierge desk at a boutique hotel. It also works well in lobbies in hotels and office buildings as well as restaurants and fine homes; these elegant blossoms are hand arranged to arch ever so slightly. They draw in the viewer in to admire their timeless style. The sensuous, delicate shape of the Phalaenopsis blooms stand in elegant contrast to the modern clean lines of the accompanying vase. In this style, our New York floral designers have worked to strike a harmonious balance between rigorously modern and lushly sexy.

Most Popular Floral Arrangements from a Leading Online New York, NY Flower Shop

Orchids can be longer-lasting with proper care. They are the largest family of blooms with more than 25,000 species and over 100,000 varieties. This orchid arrangement also makes an appropriate personal floral gift. It should come as no surprise that they are a favorite among New  York City florists for luxury floral arrangements and find their way into countless creations. Even the colors have their own special meaning. White orchids represent humility, innocence and purity, whereas pink orchids speak to grace, joy and happiness. They are often used to symbolize love, beauty, charm and refinement. It seems that no matter the time or place, these perfect blossoms -- and the floral designs featuring them -- are among the world`s most cherished and sought-after looks.

Fresh-cut blooms, of course, look appealing in any setting. They are perfect for same-day flower delivery NYC and add an element of grace and beauty. More than that, an expertly designed arrangement contributes your quality of life. It`s a way of bringing nature inside your home or office. Imagine, if you will, looking up during a challenging moment in the middle of a hectic day and seeing a premium blossom creation sitting across the room. You can sense its organic energies relaxing and soothing you, giving you a respite from the stress and pressure of everyday life.

Or, if you choose, you can make this an opportunity to send happiness to others in a completely unique and utterly individual manner. Our Clean Look Orchids are sure to bring enjoyment and pleasure. And with our prompt service, you can rest easy knowing your floral gift will arrive on time, looking spectacular and ready to delight the eye.