Boldly Bright and Luxurious | Superior Quality Coral Peonies

Nearly ostentatious and over-the-top, coral peonies are one of the boldest, brightest, strongest floral statements. Intricate and beautiful but also bold, joyful and classically feminine. You can send these to win over someone special with a dazzling gift.
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Extraordinary In-Season Price Cut!
15 Brilliant Coral Pink Peonies
Previously $285 | Best Price in NYC

Flamboyant, Extravagant and Utterly Lavish | Absolutely the Finest Hot Pink Coral Peonies

Send these wildly elegant and completely attention-grabbing vivid coral peonies to someone who themselves is a show-stopper. The peony is the epitome of floral luxury and in this strikingly bold hot pink hue we have a high-end arrangement that nearly defies description and superlatives. Among the global flower glitterati, coral peonies are a go-to for ultimate glamor and excitement. Wherever they are placed, they visually shake things up in the most amazing way imaginable. This is one of a small handful of looks that earns the distinction of being a Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design signature piece.

The Peony in One of its Most Strikingly Beautiful Colorations | Over-the-Top Luxury Flowers that are Undeniably Impressive

Great design thinking goes into this upscale peony arrangement with careful consideration of every detail. The styling takes the form of a twist bouquet and the clear glass vase also is a purposeful choice. It helps to display every inch of these dazzling blooms. Bold color makes these an instant focal point and the over-sized peony blossoms are endless layers of intricate petals. They are hands-down one of the richest, most textured floral looks possible. Many others may offer peonies, but few have high quality and freshness that can compare to ours. If you want to send flowers whose calling card is drama, feeling and emotion, we enthusiastically can give these our highest five-star recommendation.