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Orchids & creme roses in a modern floral arrangement. NYC flower delivery of business flowers. Best NYC florist with subscriptions and weekly flower delivery. NYC neighborhoods are Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Tribeca, Soho, West Village, Hudson Square.
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Cream Delight | Roses, Orchids
with Leaf Wrap in Two Color Choices Client`s Choice | Highly Rated

Orchids and Roses Delivered in NYC | Perfect Gift for Many Occasions

Cream Delight is a modern design that is an artful combination of roses overlayed with Phalaenopsis orchids. It`s our top-rated floral arrangement delivered in New York City. Complete with an elegant tropical leaf wrap and precisely arranged in a clear cylinder vase, it`s a perfect combination of elegance and glamour. Cream Delight from local NYC florist Gabriela Wakeham is truly suitable for many occasions, from a business flower delivery in Mamhattan to an intimate dinner party or a joyous family celebration. Its a great gift for many occasions including thank you, congratulations, birthday, friendship, get well and sympathy.  This exclusive designer look is available in both white/ivory and soft pink color options.

Luxury Orchids and Roses - Manhattan Delivery Same-Day

The luxurious petals of the orchids resemble the luminous wings of a graceful moth in flight, and, in fact, the Phalaenopsis is nicknamed the "Moth" orchid. When coupled with the lush beauty of high-end roses, this sophisticated arrangement is sure to complement the interior of the most elegant of homes or refined corporate offices. This distinctive blossom creation is more than a welcome addition to any indoor environment. Fresh blossoms contribute beautifully to quality of life. Their colors and scents reach deep inside of us to bring harmony and pleasure.

High-End Flower Delivery in New York City

When you send a Cream Delight arrangement, you will also be sending two types of flowers with long and important histories. Phalaenopsis orchids for delivery in NYC, for example, are a bloom that has been cultivated in the west for nearly 200 years. Their native habitat, however, is Southeast Asia and they can be found in the Himalayan mountains, the Philippines, northern Australia and everywhere in between. Despite their delicate ethereal appearance, orchids are strong robust plants. It`s no wonder they are such a popular selection for beautifully intricate floral displays.

The rose is a classic blossom and can be found in many arrangements. We deliver the best roses in Manhattan. Rose is a French word derived from the Latin rosa, although its etymology may also have roots in the language of Ancient Persia. Most rose species have five petals in a repetitive pattern, producing a dazzling effect that lends inspiration to fashion, interior design and architecture. White or cream roses often symbolize innocence or purity, but they can also used in gorgeous floral arrays to represent new beginnings or a farewell. The flower`s history is not completely romantic. The white rose was also the symbol of the House of York during England`s infamous War of the Roses in the 14th century.

Orchids and Roses Hand Delivered in NYC

Our exclusive concierge service ensures your Cream Delight luxury floral arrangement arrives in pristine condition no matter where you live in NYC, be it Murray Hill, Brooklyn Heights or the Upper East Side. Your satisfaction and delight is our number-one goal. Whether you`re treating yourself or surprising a loved one, this sumptuous creation of white and cream blossoms has an almost zen-like quality that is sure to captivate the eye as well as nourishing the soul!