A Natural Play of Pattern and Texture | Elegant Cream Tulips

Ornate and flamboyant cream tulips with an exceptional textured appearance. Perfect gift to impress a special person. Unusual design with flair and uniquely can appear both classic and modern simultaneously. Not like anything you have seen before.
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Soft Cream Textured Tulips
Surprisingly Glamorous
Creative Director`s Recommendation

Originality is on Beautiful Display with these Unconventionally Textured Blooms

In their creatively focused work to offer you interesting and different options, our designers highly recommend these Cream Textured Tulips. Flowers within a species that have an unconventional and distinct petal structure are especially desirable and these beauties are stand-outs within our extensive collection of high-end tulips. Different from other varieties, the irregularly tipped petals add an extra dimension of texture that makes them appear seriously luxurious. This is a perfect way to step up your game when sending seasonal flowers. A great choice for creative people who appreciate new ideas, surprises and uniqueness.

Mother Nature Created Elegant Detail | Our Designers Have Brought Out the Rich Variation and Patterning

The phrase all-occasion might be overused in the floral industry, so perhaps versatility is a better category for these naturally detailed tulips. Styled simply, they have a fresh, contemporary look that makes them perfect corporate flowers and equally ideal as personal gifts. Another rare and desirable trait is that this high-quality floral arrangement appears equally valid in both modern and classic aesthetic environments. The size is perfect for many spots at home and also works well if you are sending to an office, gallery or designer retail store. Instagram and Pinterest already have loved these, and so will you special person.