Dramatic and Remarkable | Taller and Lush Red Charm Peonies

If you are shopping for flamboyant, exciting, dramatic flowers, these red-charm burgundy peonies are one of the most stupendous and expensive choices. These are unlike anything else and their burnished gold vase completes their lavishly luxurious look.
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Luxury that is Over the Top
Deep Red Charm Peonies
Taller and Extra Lush

Intense Color, Large Blooms and a Phenomenally Dense Petal Structure Makes These a Floral Tour-de-Force

It is nearly impossible to capture these incredible burgundy peonies in words. But they are without a doubt the most seductively powerful color statement among these over-the-top blooms. Expensive, indulgent and extravagant are their buzz words. To those who love and appreciate them, they can justify spending more. Our pricing reflects market conditions. Often over $400 when these are imported, and less when they can be sourced from growers nearby. Of the numerous luxury and designer floral arrangements in our online flower shop, the tall peony in deep red is among the most dazzling. Described in a single word, they are unforgettable.

Send These to Someone Who is a Show-Stopper | Luxury Flowers with Incredible Visual Impact

The shockingly beautiful appearance of the red charm peony presents an interesting creative challenge for selecting a vase. It requires one lavish enough to fit well with the ultimate luxury of the blooms themselves. An exhaustive search yielded a extraordinary burnished gold cylinder in a taller height. The combination of its rose gold surface and the burgundy above combine for one of the richest and most opulent looks imaginable. This is another style ideal for VIPs and celebrities. It is recipient of rave reviews and highest ratings. Simply one-of-a-kind luxuriousness and floral artistry as we work to offer New York City`s best peonies.