Flower and Plant Care | A Few Easy Steps to Help Your Gift Look Beautiful

Longer lasting calla lilies in a glass vaseWatering and placement can help your cut flowers last longer. The same is true for living plants, which can be sustainable if given proper care. Of course, both are intended for your enjoyment and the idea is to place them in focal point spots where you will view and enjoy them again and again. But thinking through optimal locations in your home or office also can make a favorable difference. It also helps to consider light and heat sources, each of which can have an effect. In the spirit of sharing useful information, this section will highlight the good care practices you can follow.

Our Unique Approach to Freshness | Everything is Conditioned Expertly Before Reaching You

Since day one, we have been committed to freshness. Early each morning our designers begin by shopping -- purchasing only the freshest stems. In fact, we select every flower individually by hand. And we only buy what is needed for the day’s orders. This means that your bouquet is made with market fresh blooms every time. We never hold flowers in coolers as many neighborhood flower shops do. Our buy-on-demand approach helps to assure you of fresher and more beautiful floral arrangements. We want to deliver the high quality that we ourselves would want in our homes and offices.

Here's some helpful tips on how to make your freshly cut flowers last longer.

  1. Change water every two days
  2. Place away from sun, heat sources, bright lights
  3. Clip stems at a 45-degree angle the second time you change the water

How to Care for Your Fresh Cut Flowers | Water, Water, Water!

How long do flowers typically last?

Getting the longest life our of your cut flowers can be helped by changing the water at least every two days. There are many old wives tales about adding things to water to extend freshness. Yet in most published study results, there is little difference between plain water, changed routinely, and water with additives. Therefore, our designers recommend water alone. Placement also is important. Light including natural sunlight and bright indoor lights can be drying and reduce the lifespan of cut flowers. To the extent that it is possible to keep your blossoms away of both, it should be helpful. During wintertime, the same goes for heat sources such as radiators and air vents blowing hot air. Either should be avoided if at all possible.

How Long So Cut Flowers Last Typically? | Thoughts from Our Professional Florists

Cut flowers, on average, can look great for up to five days. We are aware that some competitors might promise a longer life, but chances are it is unlikely. Proper care such as changing the water routinely and placing your bouquet away from bright lights and heat sources will help. Also, if you are able to re-cut the tips of the stems after 2-4 days this also may help extend flower life. Some species such as orchids, roses and calla lilies may be among the longer lasting. All of our flowers are expertly cleaned and conditioned before leaving our studio and these extra flower-care steps by experienced florists also can help extend the life of cut blooms. We use the best practices possible and never cut corners to help assure you of longer-lasting blossoms in every way we can.

Caring for Sustainable Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants | Best Practices to Keep them Healthy and Beautiful

Sustainable orchid plants can be ever-lasting with proper plant care.Your orchid plant will love humidity. Any spot around your home or office that is more on the humid side will be optimal. Unlike cut flowers, your sustainable phalaenopsis needs sunlight. In city apartments, placing them in the sunniest window often is best. Conventional advice is to use a ‘half sun’ window, but with the many sunlight obstructions common in the city (i.e. other nearby buildings) we find that the sunniest window is generally the best. Watering needs to be done with ice cubes. Begin with 4 or 5 cubes placed on the moss bed each week. Then recheck the moss often. It should feel slightly moist to the touch. Never wet and never dry. You can adjust how many ice cubes and how frequently to place them as you learn the needs of your plant and the evaporative power of your interior environment.

If You Want Something Longer Lasting, Go Tropical |Orchids are Among Longer Lasting Blooms

Clients often ask us about what cut flowers are the longest lasting?  The answer is tropical flowers, and a great example is orchids. We proudly feature phalaenopsis, vanda and cymbidum in a range of elegant looks. Like all blossoms, they need to have the water changed and be placed away from heat and light sources for a longer life. But in general, they will be heartier and more beautiful for longer periods than many other species. Many people think of white phalaenopsis plants when in fact our collection included pink and magenta. When you shop for cymbidium, other hues include cinnamon red, celery green and light pink. Every tone has a rich, saturated appearance that is utterly beautiful.

Thank You for Reading and Enjoy Your Flowers!

-The Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design Team