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We are New York City`s luxury lifestyle florist. With the finest flowers as our medium, we are designers, storytellers, trend-setters. Our clientele is concentrated in the city`s celebrity and high-net-worth communities. The utmost quality, tastefulness and sophistication distinguish our work. With an emphasis on high-end orchids, peonies, calla lilies, roses and tulips, our creative team has assembled a remarkable collection of exclusive and unforgettable floral arrangements that embody luxuriousness in every way. Images of many of our styles have trended on Instagram and Pinterest and we work with both individual and corporate clients. Our team takes a magnifying glass to each detail to ensure an incredible level of precision and refinement. Whether you`re sending flowers as a romantic gesture, a heartfelt thank you, a gift for birthday, get well or congratulations, or in deepest sympathy, our one-of-a-kind artistry will represent your sentiments with grace, elegance and uniqueness. If you and the people to whom you send flowers are accustomed to the finer things in life, we are the right luxury floral delivery for you.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."



Experience the Quality of Luxury Flowers | Different from Big-Box and Chain Florists in Every Way

Our floral arrangements are all flowers, and a lot of them. No fillers nor fluffing things up to make a little look like more. Each of our styles includes more stems than usual and we outshine our competitors with freshness, quality and exclusivity. Because Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design is independent, we have complete control over our collection. What we deliver is unlike anything you may have ordered before. We strongly favor responsibly and sustainable grown blooms and our creative philosophy very much is about distinctive mono-flower looks that appear bountiful, effortless and completely design-forward. Our online store is jam-packed with a wide variety of styles, and in each one you will see an imaginative and one-of-a-kind piece that is 100-percent highest-quality flowers and zero filler.

New Style Icons and Ingeniously Reworked Classics | Our Collection is Infused with Many Impressive Looks

In a city where new three-hour delivery florists and low price sellers seem to pop up every day, we remain stubbornly devoted to the finest quality and genuine innovation. Clients look to us for prompt and efficient service, often same-day, but more importantly they turn to us for an extraordinary end result. Whether polished and sophisticated or bold and over-the-top, our high-end floral arrangements nearly always have a little something extra. This could be an upscale vase that immediately takes the look to another level, the wry flourish of a grass loop or fiddleheads to add character, or a completely bold combination of colors or flowers not ordinarily mixed together. We also often are on the leading edge of design trends. A perfect example is our textured garden-style floral arrangements which have become wildly popular contemporary options. But no matter what you order or which element you consider, we always come through with incredible luxuriousness, and expertly shaped silhouettes that are pleasing and surprising to the eye.

Always the Finest Orchids, Calla Lilies, Peonies, Tulips and the Most Extraordinary Roses in New York City

Our high-end designer approach proceeds from the flowers themselves. A sense of experimentation and open-mindedness about the inherent possibilities of each bloom inspires our process, even when working with the most iconic and classic of bouquets. Reverence for modernism and it`s form-and-function values also guides a significant portion of our work. Breaking norms and placing roses in looks with a modern inflection, or crafting extraordinary styles with orchids and calla lilies, generously cascading over the edges of their expensive vases all are types of deliciously unexpected pieces we have created. For your order, this means creativity that is free-flowing and beautifully surprising but never overly eccentric. We listen, read client comments and take pride in the five-star reviews we have received on Yelp and Trustpilot.

New York, NY Upscale Flower Shop with an Online Store Offering Stunning Pieces | A True Designer Floral Experience

Continuous floral research and keeping a finger on the pulse of trends in high-end design allow us to offer you superior options for luxury flowers sent as gifts and romantic gestures. Structured shapes, unconventional patterns and colorings, minimalism versus maximalism, new approaches to texturing and flowers-of-the-moment all are very much on our radar. Our goal is to make certain our online flower shop offers you a perfect edit of the best-of-the-best, reducing the need to shop around when you need to quickly send an exceptional floral piece. We want to give you peace of mind that when you shop with us, you are selecting from the best. Rest assured what we deliver will reflect very favorably on you from the overall vibe right down to the smallest details.

Exceptional Roses in Opulent and Overflowing Styles with Hand Selected Beauties in an Exciting Palette of Colors

The rose is the world`s most popular flower and in New York City ours are the finest and most luxurious. We place a considerable emphasis on the higher end and offer you discreetly dramatic rose arrangements that are the epitome of lavishness and opulence. Just how big do we go?  Our most over-the-top style is the extra large Luxury Rose Dome with an astounding six-dozen long-stem beauties. Each dome requires a team of two designers and takes nearly two hours to create. It is a show-stopper and remarkably glamorous. Nor far behind are our Biedermeier Love Roses with five-dozen stems in varying shades of red and deep red, arranged in an artisan color progression. They already have been an Instagram sensation multiple times and remain one of the most popular high-end rose designs in New York City. Of course smaller-size upscale pieces also are available and our White Pave Roses are trending currently as one of the most popular NYC corporate floral gifts in the luxury tier.

Truly Outstanding and Highly Rated Orchids | Sustainable Phalaenopsis Plants and the City`s Nicest Orchid Arrangements

The supreme elegance of orchids is undeniable and in many respects they can be regarded as one of the ultimate luxury flowers. The finest orchids delivered in Manhattan are our most popular blossoms. Headlined by our Simply Chic arrangement which dazzlingly features an astonishing eight extra-long blossoming phalaenopsis stems, our orchid collection is wide-ranging. What is most important is the heartiness and higher caliber of all that we offer. The universal beauty of these blooms is exponentially increased by better raised plants. Our sustainable phalaenopsis are available in white and pink, and in one-, two- three- or four-stem sizes. The larger ones are ideal celebrity and VIP gifts and can be longer lasting with proper care. Sending an orchid is a great way to encourage someone to step back from modern life for a moment to refresh and refocus.

Imaginative and First-Class Gift Suggestions for Many Occasions including Birthday, Thank You, Anniversary, Get Well, Congratulations, Romance, Friendship or Sympathy

Versatility and flexibility are key concepts our designers have in mind when creating new looks. Their artisan approach means everything is hand arranged with creative and seriously chic styling that continuously reaches new heights. This keeps our collection unique and unlike anything else, which makes it suited ideally for all of your gifting needs. With exclusive looks, what you send always will be a surprise whether you choose a classic silhouette or a new style that is a pure wow and tastefully brash. Throughout our offering there are odes and homages to many of the most enduring and popular upscale floral designs. But always with a sense of originality and flair to keep things fresh and unique. With same-day deliveries throughout our New York City delivery areas, it is fast and convenient to send a gift that will be appreciated and remembered.

One of the Foremost Luxiry Florists in Manhattan | One-of-a-Kind Designs for Celebrities, VIPs, Executives and Their Families

While many things can be planned far in advance, unforgettable floral design remains to a significant extent a spontaneous and intuitive art form. In other words, it is a little bit of magic. Mother nature is part of the equation with the seasonal availabilities of the finest flowers such as peonies and ranunculus, and then there is the individual personality of each designer and the occasion for which they are creating. Our premium flowers offer a sort of unconventional alchemy that is equal parts judgment, timing, experience, intuition and creativity. It is a unique formula and one that sets us apart from other New York, NY florists. Everyone has priorities and main area of focus. For us it is, and always will be, designing the best luxury flowers in New York City.

More Information About New York City High-Income Neighborhoods Where Our High-End Flower Delivery is Increasingly Popular*

New York City is a global magnet for wealthy individuals and jet setters. It is home to countless celebrities and high-net-worth families. NYC`s traditional high-income residential areas include a number of famed avenues on the city`s Upper East Side and Upper West Side. Most notably these are Fifth and Park Avenues, Central Park West, Riverside Drive and West End Avenue. Two other legendary and long-time status address are Sutton Place and Gramercy Park. Beginning in the 1980s and `90s, more high-net-worth families began settling in Tribeca and Soho, establishing new luxury communities in downtown Manhattan. More recently the West Village has transitioned into a high-income neighborhood and new developments in the Meatpacking District and along the High Line and Hudson Yards in West Chelsea are moving gentrification ever northward. Among business centers, Wall Street and the Financial District along with the Midtown areas on Fifth, Madison and Park Avenues are home to the global financial and corporate elites. Across the East River in Brooklyn and Queens, many new high-end residential developments now occupy the waterfront in Williamsburg along with similar developments in Cobble Hill, Dumbo, Long Island City and Brooklyn Heights. Nowhere in the world is there finer designer shopping, more upscale restaurants and hotels, or more numerous high-end amenities than can be found in New York, NY. Our upscale flowers have become many of the most popular and highly requested in all of these areas.

* NYC luxury flower deliveries currently are available in Manhattan below 135th Street in addition to Williamsburg, Dumbo, Long Island City, Astoria and Brooklyn Heights. Established in 2009  in Tribeca and now located in Midtown and Chelsea, Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design continues to place an emphasis on high-end floral arrangements with exceptionally luxurious styling.

Best luxury flower delivery in NYC. Luxury flowers NYC. Local luxury florist in NYC with high-end luxury floral arrangements delivery NYC. Luxury florists in Midtown Manhattan and Chelsea

We are a local Manhattan florist. We proudly offer the best luxury flower delivery NYC. If you have questions about our premium floral arrangements NYC, or would like to order a custom-designed centerpiece, please contact us using this Online Form or call 212-206-0750