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Essential Modern Flowers Perfectly Designed with Purity, Clarity, Simplicity and Beauty

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Sending and receiving the best floral arrangements should be a joyful experience without worries about their sophistication and tastefulness. That`s where our modern flowers come in. Their elegant simplicity can be the most profoundly beautiful. In fact, a modernist philosophy inspires our most celebrated floral design and we always are exploring and proposing new ideas. In true boutique fashion, we carefully source the best orchids, calla lilies, roses, peonies and other premium blooms. Most times, you can order these same-day. To us, well-executed pieces of botanical modernism are essential decorative accents to architecturally designed residential, retail, corporate, restaurant and hotel spaces. We also emphasize mono-flower styling and precise hand-arranging techniques. Our florists are dedicated perfectionists and the spirit for this section of our online store is about charting a course for the future and living better ourselves today. Unforgettable and remarkably beautiful is the look we deliver with every order.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."



A Highly Curated Group of Extraordinary Arrangents at the Apex of Modernist Floral Design in New York City

Superabundant styling and one-of-a-kind looks ranging from controlled and monochromatic to attention-grabbing pops of color appear throughout our collection. We strive to be the best NYC flower shop online where artfulness, creativity and individualism reign supreme. Freshness and finest quality are consistent, and our service is prompt. With a design process that proceeds from the flowers themselves, we place every bloom in the spotlight in single-blossom pieces that quickly have become our signatures. Many are trending on Instagram and shared countless times on Pinterest. These affirmations of uniqueness and popularity can give you added confidence when ordering, especially if it is your first time working with us.

Focused on the Art and Design Worlds, Notably Fashion and Architecture, Our Styling is Precise and Refined

Discreetly dramatic, tastefully opulent and elegantly flamboyant all easily can be used to capture the powerful sophistication of our work. Genuine innovation and next-level design are our ideals. The knock-out looks that result are the products of our ongoing research to help discover and popularize different species and styles. This dynamic and constantly evolving creative approach requires a team deeply dedicated the possibilities of innovation and value it can produce. As a leading modern florist in NYC, we love the amazing patterns and colorings of blooms, and when newly discovered produce a eureka moment in our busy studio. Pieces that are versatile enough for many occasions always are our goal.

Orchids and Calla Lilies are Essential Elements of Floral Modernism | Singular and Strong Enough to be Beautiful on their Own

The aesthetic beauty of certain iconic flowers is unconventionally powerful. Therefore when using them the possibilities increase exponentially. To create exceptional and often larger pieces that are homages and odes to a single bloom brings a visual clarity and beauty that is timeless. Two of our luxury looks, Simply Chic featuring eight super-long blooming phalaenopsis orchid stems and our large white calla lilies, are amazing representations of this styling. They are classic examples of refinement and quality, yet at the same time equally attention grabbing in the most favorable way imaginable. Our inspiration point for many of these confidently straightforward bouquets is imagining them placed alone on a pedestal in the middle of a white-cube gallery, and appearing flawless even under intense and total scrutiny.

Corporate Clients are Among the Biggest Fans of Our High-End Modern Styles for Weekly Deliveries and Special Events

The precise and structured shapes of our finest quality floral arrangements achieves a level of aesthetic beauty that is suited ideally to corporate offices and reception areas. They also fit effortlessly into showrooms, retail stores, galleries, restaurants and hotels. Smaller add-ons make our styles shine including carefully chosen vases and planters that harmonize perfectly with the architectural interiors in which the blooms will be placed. Symmetry and proportions are expertly balanced and color is present, or removed, to create the desired effect. Special event flowers are designed with the same values and point-of-view for premier celebrations, dinners and openings. Our simpler and cleaner pieces artfully display every upscale stem.

Rejuvenating Looks that Bring Out the Brilliance and Beauty of Each Bloom | We Highlight Luxury Blossoms Such as Peonies and Parrot Tulips

Our extraordinary monofloral looks involve many more stems than usual. More expensive but worth it in the long run for lusher and more lavish looks. Better still, they achieve an exceptional level of quality and luxury without ever trying too hard. Our Stunningly Lush Parrot Tulips are recipients of many five-star reviews and have a superabundant silhouette that is completely eye catching. Ideal for nearly any occasion they are a perfect choice for every tulip-loving person. One of our boldest and brightest selections, Coral Peonies available seasonally, are very likely among the most exciting floral designs anywhere. Send them to women who are natural show-stoppers because these shockingly hot pink blossoms are not for the faint of heart. Both are ideal suggestions for celebrities and VIPs who are accustomed to receiving only the finest flowers.

The New Romantics | Imaginative and Unconventional Gifts to Express Love and Romance Created in a Decidedly Modernist Style

If you think classic roses have had their day, our designers enthusiastically invite you to review our collection of re-imagined rose bouquets. Each one is a shining example of discreet opulence and the looks are nothing less than sensational. For example, our Luxury Rose Dome at a nearly astounding six-dozen premium stems is one of the most unique and memorable designs available from an online New York City flower shop. It definitely exudes an of-the-moment vibe and already has been a star on Instagram. Equally unforgettable is our remarkable Biedermeier Love Arrangement with its artistic color progression featuring five-dozen long-stem roses in a range of rich red tones. We also custom create romantic bouquets with our signature sophisticated styling to suit your loved one`s individual preferences and tastes.

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