Designer floral arrangements for personal occasions and corporate events.  Custom flower arrangement orders accepted.
Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham
Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham

Monochromatic Flower Arrangements Delivered to Locations in New Yor CIty

Discreetly dramatic monochromatic flower arrangements delivered to NYC

Monochromatic floral arrangements are a signature of New York style. They are an ageless modern classic in flowers and instantly communicate a designer and architectural look. Often in white, but also available in other colors, monochromatic bouquets harmonize effortlessly with the three elements of luxury in the modern city: space, light and calm. 

Luxury single color flower arrangements for NYC

In some settings single color arrangements have the effect of being both a luxurious design statement and urban zen flowers. They are elegant premium florals with a peacful and graceful style. Monochromatic flower arrangements are known for both precise, tight and lush designs, or larger more airy bouquets with luxurious space and separation between blooms. Also white flowers and monochromatics can be a great choice to send flowers to men.