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Our designers view the orchid blossom as one of nature`s most perfect creations. Following from there, at Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design we place an incredible emphasis on being the city`s foremost resource for very high-end orchids. In many ways we view them as the quintessential floral representation of New York City. They are as emblematic of the local image as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. In our online flower shop, you will find a highly curated collection of the finest plants and dazzling cut-bloom arrangements. These absolutely are geared to the celebrity and VIP communities, and our devotion to quality is impeccable. Our designers individually select everything we offer by hand fresh each morning. The heartiest, tallest, best styled looks and an incredible attention to detail from shaping and pruning all the way down to the planters themselves. First-class, sensational, impressive and out-of-the-ordinary in every way. Below you can view many of the most popular phalaenopsis plants and flowers, and we also offer vanda and cymbidium blooms. If you are looking for something you don`t see, please click Contact at the right above to send us an email or give us a call. We are pleased to help with special and custom orders.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."



Artful and Imaginative with a Consistent Undercurrent of Sophistication is Our Unique Styling Vibe

It doesn`t matter if you are shopping for a fun, desk-size arrangement to send for a friend`s birthday, or an over-the-top style being gifted to a film or music star, our creative team has thought about all of the possible needs. Also smaller add-ons such as accent plants and better vases are combined with our power styling. The result is a range of unique and original options that are completely Instagram worthy. Of course classic white is the epitome of stylishness and refinement, but also we love the surprising idea of orchids in color. Always exploring and trying new things, we have extended our phalaenopsis selection to include pink and magenta. In cymbidium arrangements, you can order the most eye-catching cinnamon red as well as celery green and a pretty shade of pink. All are as super popular as you might imagine they would be.

Our Collection is Diverse and Wide Ranging with Genius Looks that are Timeless and Stylish

Never ones to underestimate the seductive power of luxury flowers, our New York City florists are constantly searching for ways to create romantic floral arrangements with a soulful inflection. This lifestyle designer approach takes note of our client`s lives and the occasions for which they might order deliveries. Seeing the orchid as a visual accent to love and romance is a newer way to consider its range of possibilities. There also is something wonderfully symbolic about sending a long-lasting plant to signal the start of something new. Then it lives and grows symbolically along with a human relationship itself. It is this deeper level of design thinking that informs many of our looks and therefore helping you select gifts that are more appreciated and remembered.

Corporate Orchid Deliveries for Events, Clients and Employees | Also Monthly Plant Service for Front Desks and Reception Areas

Orchid delivery NYC. Best orchids NYC. Corporate event flowers including orchids.

With Manhattan being home to so many global headquarters of financial services corporations and law firms, the stakes are incredibly high. Whether plants or flowers, you need to order the best orchids NYC when they will be placed in any spot where the Chairman, CEO or members of the Board of Directors might be walking past. Because our team lives and works here also, we understand these demanding situations. We are careful to deliver only supremely elegant designs that are refined finishing touches to any office, conference room, lobby, reception area or front desk. Our monthly plant service features extra tall and hearty phalaenopsis with superabundant blooms and planters. They also are perfect examples of sophistication and refinement.

Highly distinguished orchid arrangements for premier events and celebrations are among our suite of corporate florist services. These looks can be cascading, lavish and indulgent, or more tailored and shaped. Whether for dinner or cocktail tables, we have ideal silhouettes and sizes. Individual designs created for gifting to clients and employees are available at a wide range of price tiers. Our Clean Look style has become one of New York City`s most popular corporate floral gifts. Its arc of phalaenopsis blooms in white over grass loops and in a clear contemporary planter has become a modern icon. Its stying is powerful and sophisticated, yet it also exudes a spirit of peacefulness and calm. Equally suitable for women or men. it consistently garners many five-star reviews.

Extraordinarly Lavish and Opulent Looks for VIPs and Celebrities are Among Our Finest and Most Celebrated Design Achievements

Our residential service, often contracted for weekly deliveries, serves a large but discreet clientele in the city`s finest residential enclaves. Understanding the size and scope of these fine residences allows our artisans to express their creativity at the highest level with larger pieces and the most bountiful styling achievable. Through the years, a number of these pieces have made their way into our online flower store and become available for anyone to order. A shining example of these sorts of high-end pieces is our Simply Chic arrangement. It is composed of eight super long phalaenopsis stems cascading and overflowing from an elegant clear vase. It is a focal point piece from every side and has been sent to countless well-known names from the creative community. Fashion designers, film stars, TV personalities, singers and musicians, digital and advertising creative directors, editor-in-chiefs, architects and many others. Truly a Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design exclusive and one of the most powerful and visually striking flower arrangements available same-day in New York City.

With a Growing Portfolio of Trending Styles and an Ever Increasing Clent Following, We Want to be the Best Florist NYC

Best orchids NYC. Orchid delivery NYC. Most popular orchid flower arrangements NYC.

Always beginning with plants and flowers strong enough to act as the starting point, our design is inspired by the aesthetic beauty of the blooms themselves. Ample research also guides our process. Never content with the status quo and always striving to rei-magine well-known looks, the idea is to help you see things in new ways and love them even more. We are owned-and-operated independently, which is increasingly rare in today`s world of boxed flowers and chain florists on every neighborhood corner. We take special pride in the 5-star reviews we have received on Trustpilot and Yelp. Creating in-house with a team dedicated to innovation and unconventionally high-quality allows us offer an orchid selection with which few NYC flower shops can compete. We are more expensive than others, but we feel it is well worth it in the long run. This strategy has been our philosophy since our founding in 2009, and we intend to continue working with an artisan approach.

Preserving a human scale to our operations where all orchid plants and flowers are individually selected daily by knowledgeable and skilled staff is the most sure-fire quality control we can maintain. In some ways it may be old-world, but we have learned the sort of consistent and dependable results it produces. In order to assure you of the finest, we plan to continue operating in this manner. For clients who order from us with tight deadlines and urgent needs, every effort is made to offer same-day service in as many situations as possible. This includes all of our delivery territory, and our crew will handle your gift with plenty of TLC until it reaches its destination.

Have Your Ever Received a Living Phalaenopsis Plant and Needed Information about Proper Care to Sustain It?

One of the questions clients ask is most frequently is:  "Someone just sent me an orchid and how do I care for it?" Unliike cut flowers which are best kept away from sunlight and bright lights, phalaenopsis plants enjoy being placed in the sun. For much of the year a south-facing window probably will be best. However in the hottest and most intense moments during summer, it may be best to find a partially sunny window so the light and heat do not become overwhelming. Cooler overnight temperatures are helpful as is humidity. Watering is as simple as placing a small handful of ice cubes at the base of your plant whenever its moss feels dry and nearly crunchy to the touch. Too much water is never good and pouring water over the moss bed does not work. The ice cubes melt slowly and drip through the moss, allowing it time to absorb the water rather than having it run through too quickly. Once you have found the ideal placement and learned how to water properly, in time your plant may re-bloom and live indefinitely.

We Work Hard to be a One-of-a-Kind Luxury Florist with a Highly Specialized Selection and a Powerfully Memorable Creative Signature

Our unique combination of the highest quality elements, design that is ahead of the curve and exacting attention to detail creates the sort of alchemy where well-known plants and flowers are transformed to remarkable objects of beauty and distinction. We take a magnifying glass to the details and in our arrangements we strive to achieve proportions that are satisfying to the eye and equally so with the symmetry. Unconventional colorations are available for orders being sent as romantic gestures and our range of Manhattan corporate services is second to none. If you are in a high-pressure situation where only a perfect result will do, we hope you will consider giving us a try. Whether it is a single order for a celebrity or VIP, a weekly service inquiry or a request to design an event, our entire organization is structured to create and deliver the finest orchids available in New York City.

Orchid delivery NYC. Best orchids NYC. New York florist with luxury orchids.

If you have questions or need further information about any item in our online NYC flower shop or a order, please contact us using this Online Form or Call 212-206-0750.