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Important Information About Peonies:
- April through June is the Season for Domestic Peonies in NYC and the N.E. United States
- Medium-Size Imported Peonies for Mixed Styles Shown Below Often are Available (We Cannot Guarantee Them). If Not, We Substitute Similar Value Luxury Flowers

We strive to offer the best peony delivery in NYC. Peonies are extra large and expensive flowers that are a unique combination of size and soft texture, and as a result they have a look like no other. Their singular appearance makes peonies one of the most popular high-end spring flowers in New York City. Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design is a locally owned boutique florist in Manhattan. Our master floral designers take great pride in hand selecting only the lushest and most perfect blooms for our exclusive luxury floral arrangements. When peonies are in prime season during spring, April through June, we feature one of the largest and most unique selections found anywhere. Ours are lush, premium stems in elegant whites, cremes, light pinks, coral pinks and even deepest burgundy. We hand deliver peonies NYC with same-day and next day service.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."



Peonies | Delivery in New York City by Local Boutique Florist

If you are looking for the most perfect peonies delivered in NYC look no further than Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design. Our master florists select only the best blooms to create one-of-a kind floral creations. The peony has a large and graceful appearance and is made even more importanrt to floral deigners because of its range of colors, from soft white and blushes to coral hot pink It is no wonder we are quickly becoming the preferred NYC florist for peonies. From trendsetting floral arrangements including peonies at boutique hotels to Fortune 500 companies and society hostesses, everyone is talking about our top-rated luxury flowers. And we can personalize them as well, so you get exactly the look you want. You know it is springtime in NYC when you see a spray of our most perfect peonies in a stylish vase.

NYC`s Best Peonies in Luxury Floral Arrangments

As a lover of high-end flowers, you expect the best. And we have the best peony delivery in Manhattan including Soho, Tribeca, Upper East Side, West Village or the Financial District. Our specially trained delivery professionals employ the best equipment and methods to ensure your blooms arrives in the quickest most efficient manner possible. Whether the weather outside is freezing cold or hot and steamy, our climate-controlled delivery vehicles and hand wrapped arrangements guarantee that the freshest, best peonies in NYC arrive when and where you want them looking fresh and fabulous to the delight of your friend, loved one or colleague.

High-End Peonies Hand Delivered in NYC | Local Florist

You have many choices when it comes to flowers, but when you want the best, especially high-end peonies delivering in Manhattan, Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design is your number-one choice. Our modern peony arrangements are hand delivered all around the city, often that very same day. You put a premium on your blooms arriving in pristine condition and so do we. We employ a force of highly-trained delivery professionals. Every day they hand deliver throughout Manhattan, Williamsburg, Long Island City, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights and Astoria. You have high standards and our high-end peony delivery in NYC will not only meet them, but exceed them.

Fresh-Cut Peonies | Same-Day Flower Delivery in NYC for Corporate and Residential Clients

Fresh-cut peonies delivered in New York City are the perfect bloom for any home or office. This lush, intricate flower is equally at home in a sleek office reception area, boutique hotel lobby, stately brownstone dining alcove or expansive loft living room. The peony is naturally beautiful and contemporary, and in the hands of our modern floral designers they enhance any room they are in. All around the city, from the tallest high-rise to the most historic apartment, our au-courant modern peonies delivered in Manhattan bring a smile to everyone who sees them. And isn`t that what it`s all about?

Best Peony Delivery NYC

We have the best peony delivery in NYC and offer a range of colors, one of which is certain to appeal to your personal preferences. These breathtaking blossoms delight the eye in colors including pristine white, delicate blush, whimsical pink, vibrant coral pink and romantic deep red. No matter the occasion or the mood, our better peonies offer a color palette that will compliment any modern flower arrangement in New York City. They bring a colorful burst of glamour to a birthday celebration, dinner party or corporate event in Manhattan calling for flowers. If you are looking to bring some color into your daily life, then top-rated peonies should be your spring blossom choice.

Manhattan Luxury Florist with Unique High-End Peony Floral Arrangements

Our white-glove concierge New York City florist delivery service guarantees your stunning modern flower arrangement arrives brimming with freshness. Gabriela Wakeham`s delivery specialists offer the speediest service to all of Manhattan, with a special emphasis on our original neighborhoods of Tribeca, Soho, Hudson Square, Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan, the Financial District and Wall Street. Be assured, however, our highly trained delivery people are just as committed to hand delivering flowers to Williamsburg, Long Island City, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights and Astoria. With the most modern, up-to-date techniques and best equipment, our flower delivery in NYC makes sure you are completely satisfied with your order.

Peonies in White, Blush, Hot Pink and Rich Burgundy

Our spectacular fresh peonies stand head and shoulders above the rest. Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design takes great pride in being a locally-owned, independent Manhattan boutique florist. We aren`t a impersonal operation that is indifferent to your needs. Our NYC florists have the freedom to scour the Chelsea Flower Market and choose only the most spectacular fresh peonies for you. They use their singular vision and artistry to create the most upscale, unique peony arrangements. You cannot find this kind of devotion to detail from a mass provider. You need a proudly independent NYC florist with delivery just like we offer.

NYC Corporate Flower Delivery with Fresh Spring Flowers

Even the most pleasant corporate office can be brightened by the best peonies delivered in New York City. These blooms add a touch of natural beauty and elegance that automatically seems to make people happy. We can deliver high-end peonies in Manhattan the very same day. Whether you`re a corporate law office, financial services institution, or less formal downtown or Brooklyn studio office, these blossoms are a delight to the senses. Their rich colors and full, intricate petals are an excellent way of bringing nature indoors. Peonies are like having an oasis of natural beauty in the midst of a busy business workday.

Luxury Peonies | Best Florist Delivery in Manhattan

When spring is in the air nothing says springtime more than a distinctive arrangement of lush luxurious peonies. And we New York City`s best florist delivery featuring peonies. Known for our artistry and attention to detail as well as our concierge delivery service, we also take the time to listen to our clients. It is important to us that we know exactly what you need, so that you are always completely satisfied. Your satisfaction is our number-one goal. Your order of the best luxury peonies NYC will mean so much more when it is created according to your custom order, and we will do everything to bring your ideas to life in perfect blooms.

NYC Peony Delivery with Same-Day and Next-Day Service

Fresh-picked peonies make the perfect gift. Birthdays, anniversaries, or social outings, they are a thoughtful treat no matter the occasion. We have the best floral gifts for business and personal occasions with have the best florist delivery service in NYC.With our specially trained team, your order of fresh-picked peonies can be hand delivered across NYC to any business and/or home location including those in Clinton, Gramercy Park, Brooklyn Heights, Midtown West, Yorkville, Red Hook, Tribeca and Williamsburg among many others.

The Best Modern Peony Arrangements in New York City

Our florists are creative professionals with a sense of perfectionism in everything they do. Our aesthetic marries a contemporary design sensibility with old-world attention to detail to craft the best modern peony arrangements in New York City delivery. Put yourself in our hands and we can give you the best upscale flowers you desire. Do you want a floral design that is super chic and cooly elegant? We can do that. Or perhaps you are looking for romantic and sexy flowers? No problem. Maybe you need something completely exotic and unique? All you have to do is tell us and we will deliver the best modern peonies NYC.

Luxury Peonies with Same-Day Flower Delivery in New York City

We proudly offer top-rated same-day flower delivery in NYC to a discerning clientele. Our clients for luxury peonies range from celebrities to CEOs, from avant-garde art galleries to classic five-star restaurants. They each have found we are the top source for the best seasonal flowers in NYC. They need highest quality service and selection and that is what we offer. It is hard to imagine New York City florist delivery more attuned to your needs. And if you desire to send upscale peonies as a floral gift, we always include a hand-written card on an elegant stationery note making the presentation of your gift of peonies all the more distinctive.

Absolutely the Best Peonies Delivered in NYC

In the look of a classic work of art, elegant hand-selected peonies can be simply breathtaking. In the experienced hands of our master floral designers these blossoms are used to create contemporary works of floral design to surprise and delight the eye. Once complete they are handed off to consummate professionals for expert peony delivery in NYC. Each arrangement is carefully wrapped and expertly packed before being transported in our special fleet of delivery vehicles. When they reach their final destination looking as fresh and perfect as when they left our floral design studio, these gorgeous hand-selected peonies are sure to enrich and enhance the lives of all who view them.

Peonies NYC Best peony delivery in NYC. Local florist with high-end peonies delivered in New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Whatever your need for high-end peony delivery in NYC, we are your source for the best peony floral arrangements. If you have questions or need further information about a custom design, please contact us using this Online Form or call 212-206-0750.