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Sending peonies when you want to make the best possible impression with a gift of flowers is a well-known axiom among the floral cognoscenti. As one of New York City`s leading luxury florists, we at Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design take a particular interest in peonies. Many of our iconic arrangements are simple and straightforward to avoid detracting from the natural and inherent beauty of these abundant blooms. We want to make it quick and easy for you to order well-designed styles celebrated for their elegance and creative integrity. Because we are independent, everything we offer is exclusive to us and handcrafted in our studio. Domestic peony season in the northeastern United States is April through June. Then a secondary season occurs during November and December when they are imported from the Southern Hemisphere. If you are lucky enough to be online flower shopping at these times, you will find peonies highlighted on our website. In many cases, they are available on the same-day you order. We feature the complete palette ranging from elegant whites, blush and light pinks to hot coral pinks and even deepest burgundy.

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One-of-a-Kind Floral Masterpieces Begin with the Highest Quality Flowers

An all-time favorite among the flower lovers in every part of New York City, the peony is among the most expensive and remarkable of blooms. Its extra large blossoms, super dense petal structure and lighter-than-air appearance make them the stuff of legend. Our designers are extremely picky and insist on buying each stem individually and fresh from market daily. This shows through in everything we feature, all of which are genuinely high-end. In a way this can`t quite be captured in words and needs to be viewed to be fully appreciated. Given the popularity of our arrangements, which already have been trending on Instagram and Pinterest, it is no wonder we quickly are becoming the best NYC florist for peonies. Everyone is talking about our top-rated luxury flowers and often we can customize them as well, so you can order exactly the look you want.

Sensuous and Seductive Styling with Peonies that is Seriously Chic and Refined

One of the major tenets of our creative philosophy is design that proceeds from the flower itself. This means our process begins with observation and experimentation to achieve the newest and best styling possibilities for each bloom. Our team sets aside conventional ideas and norms and starts from scratch keeping in mind size, silhouette, color and petal structure. With extra-large peonies, the possibilities are quite different than they are with other species. The intensity of the the peony`s petal structure also exponentially increases the possibilities for displaying texturing and intricacy. In so many ways these blooms are a delight to work with and this shines through whether they are mixed with other blossoms or styled in garden-style monofloral arrangements.

Extravagant yet Tasteful Design Homages to One of Nature`s Most Intricate and Timeless Blooms

In the history of flowers and floral arranging, the peony often is prominently depicted as among the more important. Because of its size and stature it inherently possesses a natural drama that is effortless and mere a consequence of its layering and density. As a matter of fact, many great artists have been drawn to these amazing blooms, preserving their images in paintings that have been masterpieces for many hundreds of years. Mindful of this stature and historical presence, our designers are sticklers for perfection in every detail. The size and surface treatment of vases, overall arrangement silhouette, shape, proportion, balance all are carefully considered. The singular goal is to achieve perfected styles the do complete justice to the flowers and allow you to send superior bouquets to the important people in your life.

On-Trend Textured and Garden Style Looks Have an Air of Sweetness and Romance that Can`t be Matched

A romantic gesture is one of the most wonderful reasons to send the finest peonies. New York City is a place known for bests and people here are accustomed to receiving outstanding flowers. Especially if you might already have sent roses, here is a great way to take things to the next level. The delicate and nuanced structure of the peony blossom itself could not be more evocative of romance. The sheer extravagance and indulgence of a luxury bouquet of this grandeur makes it a great choice for switching things up. In the entire world of flowers, nothing could be fancier. Better still, in many cases we can offer same- and next-day deliveries.

Extraordinary Beauty and Indulgence Defined | Large, Dense Bouquets of the Most Expensive Flowers

The superabundant petals of each peony make every flower attention-grabbing and unforgettable. Many an ode and homage has been written about them and they often are depicted in everything from ephemera to classical art. These continuous endorsements and votes of confidence, as well as the many five-star reviews, are among the great reasons to send an upscale peony arrangement today. In a world filled with choices and options, only a few can be truly exceptional. This is one of these instances. Remarkable, timeless and a pinnacle of luxury all are valid descriptions of the peony and further reason why you should order some today.

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