Designer floral arrangements for personal occasions and corporate events.  Custom flower arrangement orders accepted.
Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham
Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham

Modern Terrariums with Flowering Orchid Plants | Great Sustainable Plant Gifts for Environmentally Conscious People

elegant designer terrariums with premium plants and flowers

Terrariums are a modern and sustainable way to send someone flowers and plants. They are memorable gifts of sustainability that last a long time if cared for properly. Our designers create unique sustainable terrarium looks with living plants, flowering plants and lush green leaves. Housed in elegant modern transparent glass containers, our modern terrariums feature moss, premium orchids, and often interesting succulent plants. Terrariums are ideal sustainable gifts, as they look great in offices, board rooms and game rooms. 

Monthly Terrarium Delivery for Offices and Businesses in NYC

Terrariums are perfect for monthly corporate deliveries and require minimal maintenance and last longer than cut flower arrangements. If you have someone who is a VIP and would like to order a custom terrarium created to your specifications, we offer a full range of options and sizes and can deliver same-day in Manhattan and nearby areas.