Lush Plantscape of Mini Cactus and Succulents | Green Oasis Garden

Fine quality sustainable succulent plants in a mini desert landscape that is a full-on luxury plant gift to send in New York City. It is a mix of rich and soft greens is super attractive and its always a crowd pleaser for the environmentally conscious.
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Gabriela`s Green Oasis | Sustainable
Mini Garden of Succulents and Cactus
Perfect for Offices and Homes

An Upscale Terrarium Design Style Results in a Memorably Beautiful Green Mini Garden

Here is a micro version of what our designers imagine it could look like if you were standing on the edge of a mythical desert oasis. It features the most interesting smaller cactus and succulent plants. Better still, this sustainable mini oasis garden exudes a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. It can be the perfect living antidote to the stress of modern city life. Wherever it is placed, this immediately adds a calming presence. The varied shades of green are nearly universally appropriate -- it fits equally well into modern or traditional spaces. This is an ideal gift for desktop at work and with proper care can be longer lasting.

Micro Cactus and Succulent Plants Have a Decidedly Upscale Inflection in this Generous Styling

Although these green sustainable plants are smaller in stature, they are magnificent in effect. An elegant white ceramic planter approximately eight inches in diameter forms the base. Our prolific designers strive to create looks that are pinnacles of their respective styles, in this case high-end terrariums. Succulents and mini cactus are planted tightly in a very lush array of varying heights, textures and nuanced colorations. This one is popular for corporate gifting and equally appropriate for men and women. Remarkably beautiful living plants in a compact size. What could be better or more fun to send?