Modernist Orchids, Dianthus and Succulents | Green Tempest

Bountiful orchids and plush emerald green dianthus make this modern look a favorite of influencers and insiders. Seeing is believing and the authentic dark wood planter underneath adds a confident vibe of sophistication. You can send this to worldly people.
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Green Tempest - Our Exclusive Design
Dianthus, Orchids and Succulents
A Sophisticated Modern Choice

Refined Modernism in Floral Selection and Arranging Taken to the Next Level

Here is a well-designed high-end floral composition featuring flowers in the unusual shade of green that is a pinnacle of good taste and refinement. Green Tempest with its orchids, dianthus and succulents is utterly sophisticated with a decidedly modern inflection. This one is a favorite of the NYC art and design communities and also works well for anyone who has a modernist visual sensibility. It is about pleasing proportions and elegantly balanced elements all rendered in the essential shade of green, which is the foundation color of all plant life on earth. Already popular on Instagram and Pinterest, it is a look people can`t resist clicking on to see more closely.

Artists and Designers Have Higher Standards for Floral Gifts | Send One with Better Caliber Design

Extra lushness is the result of a precise and generous arrangement of green dianthus, cymbidium orchids and succulents. Its rectangular organic-style wood planter also makes an important visual contribution to the overall look. Especially favored by architecture firms, Green Tempest has been ordered for corporate gifting as well as for a range of personal occasions. It is great suggestion for men, design-forward women, and for weekly floral delivery in New York, NY. The soft textured appearance appearance of dianthus in opposition to orchid blossoms and more graphic succulents is genuinely memorable.