Designer floral arrangements for personal occasions and corporate events.  Custom flower arrangement orders accepted.
Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham
Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham

Exceptional Holiday Party Design Services for Premier Corporate Events and Signature Celebrations

Also designer flowers for fashion photoshoots, product launches, interior stagings for architects, the real estate industry, and film/TV sets

five large holiday metallic branch arrangements as a festive centerpiece

Holiday Party Design Consultations at No Charge

We design and create incredible holiday parties and events with unique designer elements and a signature look to help your party stand out compared to others. High end seasonal greens, flowers and decor elements are mixed with luxury florals to create amazing environments for holiday celebrations. We can design large events for hundreds of guests or smaller more intimate gatherings for VIPs. We offer holiday party design services for business and residential clients in Manhattan, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Long Island City and Astoria. Our white-glove delivery and installation crew will drop off and place your holiday greens and flowers, and we can return to remove them afterward if requested. Contact us at any time 24/7 for more information:

Tall metallic holiday branch arrangement   Large gole metallic magnolia branch arrangement in a silver urn


Impeccably Designed Flowers that Transform Spaces and Create Lasting Impressions

Our design team has created exceptional flowers for high end events and settings in virtually every significant venue in New York City and the surrounding area, from the newest and most modern spaces to the most iconic and classic ones. With intense competition and overexposure everywhere today, successful events need to be innovative, unique and have appropriate elements of surprise to be successful and leave lasting positive impressions. Our flowers and carefully selected design elements will help you break through to accomplish your strategic objectives with a highly successful and well executed production. Or if your needs are more about a party or celebration, we love to have fun with flowers and we work equally effectively at helping you create joyful moments of celebration that will be talked about and remembered for years to come.

Drawing on flowers and other elements available to us, our event design philosophy is about creating special aesthetics and installations to transform a space from what is known and already believed, to an fresh environment takes your guests to something new and unexpected.

We routinely design events for leaders in many fields in NYC including Wall Street, fashion and interior design, real estate, architecture, cosmetics, corporate, media, film, PR firms and leading cultural and nonprofit institutions -- and we work at a range of budget levels. We have created flowers and installations in venues ranging from grand halls and ballrooms to intimate townhouses and rooftops, to iconic outdoor locations, parks and gardens.

Colorful Charity Gala at the PIerre Hotel NYC


We Work Creatively in Both Modern and Traditional High End Floral Design Aesthetics

Luxurious white orchids in a premium dinner table flower arrangementsOur designs and projects span a broad range of modern and traditional floral and decor. We can enhance and bring out the essence of exceptional spaces as well as completely transforming any environment with unique and different installations that render a location completely new and reflective of only your event and its objectives. We love and often design joyful, exuberant traditional floral pieces with elegant mixed compositions communicating a sense of luxury and elegance. At the same time modern monochromatic pieces, often based on striking designs using a single flower type, are also a significant portion of our work.

The seasonality of flowers also provides our designers with amazing options depending on the timing of your event. During spring peonies, tulips and hyacinth are available in a range of joyful and sophisticated colors. Dahlias are a special highlight flower of summer while elegant Magnolia branches are stars of the holiday and winter period. Tall branch arrangements can also provide key focal points for larger event designs and look as memorable in a modern industrial loft as they do in an elegant classic space with super high ceilings. During spring the bright yellow branches of forsythia are a particular standout.

Event Design that Affirms NYC's Stature as a World City and Home Base for Cultural Leaders

Premium whote flowers including orchids in tall square vasesMany NYC high end events are global launches and celebrations and set the tone for follow up occasions in other cities around the world. If you are designing a signature event and need our support in creating the concept and look that will be implemented again elsewhere, our designers are ready to help and have world class experience in event and floral design. Their expertise will help you add sophistication and flair to your event, and be worthy of favorable attention from clients, media, bloggers and VIPs.

Also if your event or celebration calls for an ethnic or cultural awareness in terms of design elements and color choice, we have successfully designed many events in NYC honoring cultural traditions from around the world.  No matter what your need, large or small, simple or highly complex, contact us to day for a professional event design consultation at no charge!