Bright Red Tulips | A Fun, Sexy Alternative for Younger Lovers

Big, bold and bright red tulips are a new idea in red flowers. If you already have sent roses to your love, try these luscious and eye-catching tulips. An ingenious arrangement by NYC’s nicest florist displays the entire bloom from stem through blossom.
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Our Signature Bright Red Tulips
Fun, Younger-Looking Romantic Gift
A Modern Alternative to Red Roses

A Design Breakthrough for the Lady Who Loves Red | Our Most Romantic Tulip Bouquet

There is no better romantic gesture than sending impressive red flowers. But how about sending these bright red tulips in place of traditional roses? Our designers are all about breaking the rules and they would like to see you make a better impression by switching things up. To them, it shows you put time and thought into your selection if you make the alternative choice of sending romance red tulips. Especially if you want to signal the start of something new, unique flowers could be a way to make your point easily. The tulip has strength and aesthetic beauty to rival the rose, and in this bold color it is particularly striking.

When Others Do the Same Thing Over and Over, Our Designers Rebel | We Prefer New Ideas and Unexpected Looks

The unconventional nature of these contemporary romantic blooms already has made them smash hits on Instagram and Pinterest -- which is further proof of their elegance and appeal. Because tulips have beautiful green stems and leaves, these can be arranged in a clear glass rectangle vase to display them from top to bottom. Our creative process always is one of exploration and experimentation leading us to things like this alternative red bouquet. We take great pride in being among New York floral designers who push the envelope to offer you new options and ideas. These tulips hands-down have a great sense of style.