100 Luxury Tulips | Simply Amazing in Every Way

A huge number of tulips, as many as 100 stems, give this amazing floral composition a breathtaking appearance. With its abundant and stately presence, these luxury flowers are among the most memorable you can send in New York City.
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Premium Amsterdam Baroque Luxe Tulips
100 Stems | Our Most Opulent Tulip Design
Available in Two Color Choices

Superabundant, Lavish and Elegangtly Grandiose | 100 Luxury Tulips in a Breathtaking Display

Stately homes and blue-chip corporate offices in New York City are ideal places to send this bountiful arrangement of 100 premium tulips. Yes you read correctly, we really said 100 stems. This is among our largest luxury flower bouquets and also one of our signature styles. Inspired by Dutch Baroque paintings, it was created by our master floral designers and features a sophisticated color mix in two versions. Each one has an inherent elegance that makes it a distinctive and memorable floral piece in every regard. When you are sending high-end flowers to the grandest of people and spaces, this is an ideal option to consider.

One of the Largest and Most Dramatic Floral Arrangements Available Same-Day in New York City

A taller antique frosted trumpet vase helps create the statuesque and oversized silhouette created by a 100-stem tulip arrangement. In finalizing such ultimate styles, our creative team sources each element individually and considers every possible choice before selecting the optimal ones. Everything about these remarkable tulips is luxurious and they are meant to be celebrity and VIP flowers reflecting all the finer things in life. Because this style involves so many more flowers than ordinary pieces, it is intended for focal points including grand entryways and larger tables. Wherever it is placed, the visual effect will unforgettable.