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Manhattan NYC Flower Delivery | Perfect Personal and Business Gifts

Best flower delivery to Manhattan NYC. When you are sending flowers NYC to a special or important person you want the best. We are a boutique florist, locally owned and operated. We shop the wholesale markets daily to source the freshest blooms and to the greatest extent possible, we look for the best sustainably and responsibly grown flowers, preferably from nearby in our region. We live and work in New York City and understand how to get your blooms though in impeccable and pristine condition. As an upscale Manhattan florist with a discerning clientele, we offer only the best premium blossoms, specializing in orchids, calla lilies, roses, peonies and other upscale seasonal flowers NYC, all of which can be delivered to homes and offices daily.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."




Best Manhattan Florist. Delivery NYC Specialist

Delivering flowers requires more care and specialization than you might realize. It is why our team of experienced Manhattan flower delivery professionals is trained in the best floral handling techniques and procedures. The blooms themselves are fragile and must be treated with utmost care. Vases and planters are also breakable and need to be expertly wrapped, packed and secured. The best flower delivery service also requires that everything be kept upright and kept on a flat surface so that water in vases and containers does not spill out during the trip. We delivery directly from our Manhattan design studio to your recipients office or home with utmost speed and care.

 Best Manhattan Flower Delivery to Premier Locations with Upscale Service

Our best flower delivery for Manhattan is about follow through direct from our floral design studio to your recipients office or home. We deliver flowers NYC for business daily to Wall Street, the World Trade Center, Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, midtown, Columbus Circle, and many other iconic locations in New York City. Our drivers are familiar with the delivery and security protocols at landmark buildings and work with building personnel to ensure that your Manhattan flowers make it through to our recipient promptly and seamlessly.

Best Manhattan Florist | We Started in Tribeca Now Serving a Much Larger Area

We strive to be the best florist in Manhattan. Gabriela Wakeham was founded in 2009 in Tribeca at 310 Greenwich Street 10013 with a singular mission: to offer the best flower delivery in NYC. Today we deliver to anywhere in Manhattan as far north as 135th Street, and place a special emphasis floral deliveries to our original downtown neighborhoods of Tribeca, Hudson Square, the Financial District, Soho, the West Village and West Chelsea. We also deliver flowers to Williamsburg, Long Island City, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights and Astoria. No matter how large we have grown, we always strive to maintain our boutique approach as a high-end local best florist Manhattan offering fast delivery.

Manhattan Flower Delivery | Climate Controlled Vans Protect Your Blooms from the Elements

Flowers are living things and affected by the temperatures and the weather. Our delivery trucks are carefully climate controlled to ensure the optimal temperature to keep your blooms fresh and in perfect condition. During the colder months flowers much be protected from subfreezing temperatures and ride safely inside our heated vans. Also during summer, very high temperatures of too much sun exposure can damage you blossoms so they are kept out of the sun and in an air conditioned compartment. Climate controlled trucks are an important factor in allowing us to offer you the best flower delivery Manhattan.

Best Manhattan Flower Delivery of Floral Arrangements | Hand Carried in in New York City

Our flowers are purchased fresh daily and sourced only after we receive you order. We hand arrange all of our blossoms for the best flower delivery Manhattan and specialize in orchids, calla lilies, peonies, roses and other seasonal blossoms. We offer many modern floral designs and also lush, joyful traditional mixed flower bouquets in brilliant, happy colors. Our arrangements are appropriate for business needs as well and we absolutely have the best birthday flower delivery in New York City as well as blooms to send for other occasions such as congratulations, thank you, anniversary, sympathy, get well and new baby.

Best Manhattan Flower Deliveries Available Same-Day and Next Day

When you want to send the best floral arrangement in Manhattan, its important that it arrive promptly on the date and time that you ordered. We offer same day flower delivery to NYC and have more than 75 exclusive floral designs from which you can choose. Order online through our secure website 24 hours seven days a week or call our studio to discuss what you would like to send. We also deliver custom flower arrangements next day in New York City. We feature premium roses, orchids, peonies, calla lilies and many other seasonal blooms with deliveries to many businesses and home in Manhattan daily.

Best Manhattan Business Flower Delivery to Offices, Retail Stores, Hotels and Restaurants

The interiors of many of New York Citys finest businesses are enhanced by custom floral arrangements and we offer the best business flower delivery in Manhattan. We drop off beautiful arrangements of dazzling orchids, calla lilies and peonies weekly and monthly for placement in reception areas, retail stores, offices, hotel lobbies and restaurant interiors. Our client list includes many of the citys premier designer flagship stores, hotels and restaurants. If you are considering ordering from the best florist Manhattan for your business or commercial need, we offer complimentary design consultations and can deliver the best business flowers to your exact specifications.

Best Manhattan Orchid Delivery | High-End Orchid Plants and Cut Flowers

Phalaenopsis orchids, often in white, and one of the most popular flowers NYC for sophisticated New Yorkers, equally valued in both businesses and the finest homes. We deliver the best orchids in Manhattan at a range of prices and we offer a large selection of both fresh cut orchids and sustainable orchid plants for Manhattan flowers. Our high end orchid plants are potted in elegant ceramic cubes, either black or white, and have the look of a best modern orchid arrangement for delivery. If you prefer orchids as cut flower arrangements, we have both affordable and luxury options, many available in three color choices including white, pink and fuchsia.

Manhattan Best Long Stem Rose Delivery

Gabriela Wakeham is NYCs top rated rose delivery specialist! We deliver high end long stem roses in Manhattan and offer a great selection of romantic flower gifts. We have modern rose arrangements and a broad offering of traditional choices in elegant shades of red long stem rose delivery in NYC. Our Biedermeier Love arrangement features five dozen long stems in a hand crafted ombre design where rich distinctive shades of red gently dissolve into one another. This high end long stem rose creation is placed in an elegant footed black glass vase is one of our most popular romantic flower arrangements Manhattan delivery NYC. We also mix roses with orchids in several luxury rose bouquets that are among the most elegant to send to loved ones, including our roses with orchid canopy and another with green orchids dancing atop the long stem red rose bouquet to send in Manhattan.

Manhattan`s Best Succulent Delivery | Featuring Sustainable Orchids and Plants

If youre looking for high-end plant delivery in Manhattan we offer an interesting collection of exclusive upscale terrariums, most with flowering succulent plant detail, and also a great range of the best orchid plants for Manhattan delivery. We also accept custom plant orders and offer weekly business plant delivery service in Manhattan.

Best Manhattan Flower Delivery Featuring the Best Peonies, Anemones, Dahlias, Sunflowers and All Seasonal Blooms

While some blooms are available year-round, other blossoms are at their peak and available only during select months of the year. We shop the markets daily and hand select in-season stems that are at their peak of beauty. We deliver Manhattan`s best seasonal flowers and floral arrangements. One of the most popular flowers NYC are high end peonies for delivery to Manhattan during spring. These extra large blooms with hundreds of intricate and delicately layered petals are among the most sought after and beautiful. Early in the year and into spring, beautiful anemones are in-season and whether in white or bright colors, are among natures most elegant blossoms. No matter what the season, we deliver the best flowers to Manhattan.

No matter what your need or occasion, order Manhattan flowers from us for the absolute best flower delivery Manhattan. If you have questions or need further information, please contact us using this Online Form or call 212-206-0750. Read more here about our flower delivery service.

About Sending the Best Flowers Manhattan*

Manhattan is a borough in New York City and has the highest density of any metropolitan area in the United States. It is located at the point where the Hudson River reaches the Atlantic Ocean. Manhattan is the largest populated borough in NYC. Known for it`s financial, commercial and cultural centers, Manhattan is also an entertainment and media center for producing television and cinema content for the world. Manhattan’s historic landmarks are numerous and known around the world.The borough’s diverse population enhances NYC metropolitan life in countless ways. NManhattan is also renouned for its neighborhoods like Tribeca, Soho and Greenwich Village for art, music, literature, design and fashion. Wall Street and the South Street Seaport serve as the birthplace of the American economy and first market in Manhattan. Times Square can be found in Midtown Manhattan, which has a reputation as the best place on earth on New Year’s Eve. Central Park sits squarely between the Upper West Side and Upper East Side, with the FDR along the East River and Riverside Park running along the Hudson river towards uptown Manhattan.

* We deliver fresh flowers NYC only to select areas of Manhattan. These include Manhattan below 135th Street (we also deliver to Williamsburg, Dumbo, Long Island City, Astoria and Brooklyn Heights. Founded in 2008 inTribeca and now located in Chelsea, Manhhattan, we continue to place an emphasis on our original downtown Manhattan neighborhoods which include Tribeca, Soho, Hudson Square, Wall Street, Lower Manhattan and Battery Park City.


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We work hard every day to offer the best flowers Manhattan and the best florist Manhattan. If you need any further information, please contact us using this Online Form or call 212-206-0750. Read more here about our flower delivery service.