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Including Zip Codes 10001, 10016, 10018, 10019, 10036, 10022 and 10017

When it comes to flowers, there are two types of people in the world: those who shop solely based on price and others who have a genuine interest in shaking things up and finding something better, At Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design, we are all about the latter and cater to a discerning clientele of genuine blossom lovers. We are a local florist in the area on 28th Street and working hard every day to offer the finest flower delivery Midtown NYC. With each passing season, we expand the offering in our online store which already includes a huge array luxury styles in contemporary and classic aesthetics. With larger pieces suitable for celebrities and A-listers, we focus on the nicest roses, orchids, calla lilies and peonies. We source our blooms fresh every day, only after receiving your order. This helps to assure you of maximum freshness and impeccable quality. When you order from us, you can choose from original designs that break norms and offer advanced styling approaches. In fact, no other Midtown florist has nicer looks, each with truly inspired creativity. Check out our 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and Yelp. We will handle your order with our prompt service, quality and personalized attention.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`       ArchitecturalDigest.com

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."

- ArchitecturalDigest.com


Midtown Florist Serving Celebrities and A-listers with Extraordinary Looks Distinguished by Elegant Detailing

The past year alone has seen an explosion of new people selling flowers online, but no one who care as as much as we do about aesthetics and freshness. We are about creating uniqueness by working in small batches with the freshest blooms. All of our pieces are handcrafted by younger but experienced designers who value innovation and creativity. Our collection soon will have nearly 100 floral arrangements for you to choose from. All are exclusive to us and have been created in-house. We happily accept special orders created to your specifications and have a strong preference for using responsibly and sustainably grown stemss. Everything is hand-carried to your destination, offices and homes alike, and transported in climate controlled vans to protect from weather and temperature extremes.

Ideas and Styling Unlike Any Other | We are Authentic Creators Devoted to Innovation and Uniqueness

The skyline of Midtown Manhattan as viewed from across the Hudson River, a place where we provide the best flower delivery same-day.In creating unique looks for same and next-day service, we focus on using a balance of seasonal colors and incorporating them into classic and timeless styles. Our collection offers our customers lots of choices across the spectrum from classic to modern and to contemporary. Each product is assembled with precision and a sense of perfectionism. Many centerpieces are created in pure white or monochromatic, while others are joyful mixes of color, sometimes soft and other times bold. When working on more classic centerpieces, many times gentle updates or additions are made to keep them as surprising as they are beautiful. Moreover, any of the choices in our collection can be adapted to you or your recipient`s individual tastes and preferences.

Have You Ever Learned to Select the Perfect Bouquet? It`s Easy and Convenient to Order One from Our Online Store

Choosing the ideal arrangement for the right occasion matters. And we want to make sending a perfect bouquet to someone special faster and easier than ever. Especially if you are pressed for time and need a same-day order. Begin by thinking about the optimal color and vibe. Does the person you are sending to like modern or classic? Then browse the large selection in our online store. Once you have found the perfect luxury floral look and made your selection, simply complete our online order screen and we will take things from there. Throughout the process you will be kept informed by email from an initial confirmation that we have received your order right through to the end when it is dropped off at your destination. Your bouquet will be handcrafted by an experienced creator and perfectly wrapped before it is placed into the hands of our couriers. It really could not be easier, and if you have any questions, simply click the Contact button at the top of the screen to reach us by email or telephone right away.

Corporate Floral Services include Weekly Subscriptions, Special Events, Editorial and Custom Projects, Large Installations

Are you the one in charge of the floral order for your office? Our unique approach makes lasting impressions, especially on a hard-to-please boss. If you are sending a corporate gift, we have a great collection. You can select from contemporary or traditional, and in a variety of sizes and price tiers. If you are ordering blooms for a modern office, showroom or studio, may we suggest the calla lily? Callas and also orchids make excellent choices. These most often are shown in white, but other color options are available including pink, magenta, orange, yellow and purple. Either is a genius look that instantly transforms any interior. and reliable service is yours no matter when you are sending. Also if you`re after corporate weekly flower delivery NYC Midtown, you must check out our amazing selection.

Discreet Flair and a Sense of Originality are Constant Themes Throughout Our Collection | Everything is Tasteful and Refined

Our experienced designers take great pride producing exceptional pieces in a range of aesthetics. Our contemporary looks including the new textured garden-style silhouettes and other unconventional options that all are exclusive to us. No matter what you`re after, you will be shopping a variety of sensational options that go from jaw droppingly large to fun little surprises. In addition to using only the finest blossoms, everything comes in upscale contemporary vases. Our planters and containers can even make great mementos, and often are in interesting shapes and clear glass. In fact, check out our whole selection for perfect options that are great as centerpieces in offices, showrooms, studios and lofts. Our blooms create a sense of lushness and elegance with unique and surprising shapes, all of which are hallmarks of our distinctive collection.

Selecting Each Stem Individually by Hand Early Each Morning is the Only Way We Work | Our Pieces are at the Peak of Freshness

Many of our top-selling and most popular creations are significant luxury floral arrangements. Because of their extraordinary size and grandeur, these make a lasting impression. We take pride in offering exceptional high-end selections with a range of exclusive designs to choose from. Everything is handcrafted by a talented creator with an eye for perfection. If you are looking for something special that you don`t see in our online store, please contact us to discuss a custom order. We are pleased to accept one-of-a-kind projects and design to your exact specifications. The whole point again comes back to connoisseurs and blossom aficionados who genuinely appreciate styling that is a cut above and clearly unlike any other.

Sublimely Beautiful Orchids are Among the Most Desired Luxury Gifts | For Personal and Corporate Needs they are an Ideal Choice

Given their popularity and beauty, there are numerous orchid choices in our collection, many strong enough to stand on their own. It all begins with the finest plants and blooms. Through the years our senior designers have cultivated and maintained relationships with the City`s premier growers and suppliers. As a result, we proudly specialize in distinctive Phalaenopsis options. With proper placement and care, orchid plants can be longer lasting. Or, if you are looking to send a blooming orchid arrangement for corporate needs or a personal occasion, we offer options ranging from Clean Look pieces priced under $100 to dazzling show-stoppers like our Simply Chic look with eight flowering stems that is a top-rated gift for celebrities.

Celebrated Romantic Pieces are Enhanced by the Nicest Long-Stem Roses and Sizes as Large as Five- and Six-Dozen Stems

Our designers are rose lovers and they have come up with some of the most unusual and memorable romantic creations. If you need to order today, please check our rose page for an abundance of exclusive choices. Unlike the big-box rose websites, we are a local florist in Midtown delivering elegant bouquets for love and romance. If you are looking to go big, we feature some of the largest options available anywhere in the city. Two great examples are our Luxury Dome in your choice of three colors, or our Biedermeier Love Roses featuring elegant shades of red sorted by color in a distinctive progression. For a special love new or old, these are without a doubt the finest you can send.

Operating as Local Boutique for the Neighborhood Online, You will Find European Style Arrangements, Creativity and a Small-Batch, Artisan Approach

We are all about freedom and choice, always going out of our way to propose new ideas and offer you truly relevant and influential styling. No matter what your aesthetic preferences, from modern to classic, we have you covered. We strive every day to make sure no one else is on par with Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design`s high quality and unique design. If you are interested in reading more about what our past clients say about us, check out our 5-star reviews on both Yelp and Trustpilot. We are a great option when you want to try something different. Everything is in exquisite taste and is effortless yet creatively forward. Unsurpassed freshness is a given and the service is prompt no matter when you place your order. Pops of color, creative ideas and on-trend silhouettes all are among our specialties.

Send Better Same-Day Flower Delivery Midtown in Manhattan, New York City

Midtown Manhattan is the heart of New York City. If you the many boastful claims on New Years Eve, Times Square is considered to be the Center of the World. Other iconic locations in this neighborhood are undoubtedly the Broadway Theater District, Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. Each landmark is vastly different from one another but equally visible and relevant the world over. In addition, the redevelopment of Times Square during the 1980s and ‘90s brought major corporations and financial firms to the area, including Ernst & Young, Morgan-Stanley and US Trust to name only a few.

The neighborhood is bordered by 34th and 59th Streets covering the area from the Hudson River to the East River also includes notable museums like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Central Park South boasts an array of world-renowned hotels including The Plaza and The Essex House. It also has some famous churches and cathedrals such as St. Patrick`s Cathedral and St. Thomas Church, which are both located on Fifth Avenue. A hidden gem is the residential neighborhood of Murray Hill. With fine apartment houses and townhomes, it has for many generations been home to famous celebrities and well-to-do New Yorkers. Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design is proudly located in the area and delivers to corporate and residential clients in this distinguished neighborhood.

Midtown dominates this skyline view of our main flower delivery neighborhood.

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