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Luxury flowers that we deliver on the Upper East Side as a local florist near the neighborhood.

Sensational Freshness, Renowned for Creativity. We are Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design.

Same-Day Service to Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, Lexington Avenue, York & East End Avenue
also First Avenue, Second Ave. and Third Avenue from East 59th to East 96th Streets and all addresses within the Zip Codes 10021, 10028, 10128, 10065, 10075

As tempting as it might be to fall back on an old favorite from your usual neighborhood florist, let us persuade you to consider some of our trending floral designs before you place your order. In our curated mix, you can choose from the newest textured garden style pieces as well as sleek and luxurious mono-floral classics that instantly have become modern icons. Whichever aesthetic you select, we at Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design devote all of our resources to offering luxuriously unconventional flower delivery Upper East Side. Our imaginative creators always have in mind refreshing the look of the neighborhood`s nicest homes, offices, retailers, restaurants and hotels as they perfect imaginative pieces that are elegant without trying too hard. We also go out of our way to make the online shopping and ordering experience easier, faster and more fun. Our online flower shop is celebrated for its unique gifts, upscale centerpieces and custom designs for special celebrations and weddings. We have 5-star reviews on Yelp and Trustpilot and our clients compliment us on exemplary customer service. No matter how you measure things, no UES flower shop has better quality and selection. Genius looks that are undeniably impressive are superabundant in our collection and our creative team wouldn`t have it any other way.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`       ArchitecturalDigest.com

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."

- ArchitecturalDigest.com


Fresh, Expertly Conditioned and Beautifully Arranged | We Make it Easy to Order Luxury Floral Arrangements

From softer textured looks to the most contemporary sculpted pieces, our creativity is wide-ranging. This helps you send supremely elegant blooms that are undeniably impressive in so many ways. Concentrating on premium orchids, calla lilies, peonies, tulips and roses, our creative team often branches out into original design. This means what you order from us is unlike anything seen elsewhere. We are known for crafting new looks, exploring and trying new things, always being restless with the status quo. This devotion to innovation and holding ourselves to higher standards is a key part of our work. Our modern styles have a rigorous precision that is notable and our classic pieces have a level of embellishment and detail that has won them devoted followings. We are trending on Instagram and Pinterest, where images of our work have spread with remarkable speed. We also are sticklers for detail, working to offer prompt service and the finest cards and wrapping for your floral gifts. Our team is dedicated to the most careful packing practices and we always take extra steps help assure that your blooms arrive in perfect condition every time.

You Quickly Can Select from All of the Finest Varieties with More New Silhouettes and Innovative Styling

An Upper East Side street served by our flower delivery van every day as shown in an Image from Wikipedia.

Understanding that people from all around the area appreciate one-of-a-kind blooms, we challenge ourselves to serve with promptness that does not disappoint. All orders are processed quickly and our New York florists work continuously to create unconventional looks that help you send new styles and love even more the ones you already know. Reworking the classics to transform traditional floral bouquets is a significant emphasis in our work. Surprising color combinations, elegant textures and innovative vase choices are hallmarks of the better styling ideas that our team brings to the table. Throughout the process, you can count on us for the the utmost care and attention all the way until your order reaches your recipient`s office or home. You can rest assured knowing we won`t rest until everything is perfect.

A Designer`s Touch Brings Perfected Styles with Artistic Symmetry and Incredible Proportions

Our clients often ask us for advice about quality and the appropriateness of certain styles. The most important guiding principal always should be to select the a look that you like and personally would enjoy receiving. That said, many people who make inquiries about our luxury pieces do prefer our advice to help make more informed decisions. Our online store features a detailed description for every product. These include not only specific content details, but also thoughts about the theme of the piece itself and who might enjoy receiving it on what occasions. We customarily divide our collection into two main groups. The first is modern-contemporary and the second is classic-traditional. For modern spaces ideal choices often include calla lilies or orchids. Architects and designers choose these blooms frequently for their elegant simplicity and natural glamour. When they are hand-arranged in genius looks, they can have a memorable presence and inherently regal appearance. For a more classic theme, our rose arrangements are perennially the most popular. Because we want to become the best florist Upper East Side, we continuously reinvent the classics. Our roses have highly perfected styling and feature upscale long-stem beauties. Because the rose is available in nearly limitless  colors, these styles can perfectly harmonize or contrast with just about any color scheme. Another traditional favorite during the spring and summer seasons is luxurious peonies. Their oversize blossoms and highly intricate petal structure make incredible pieces that never disappoint.

Floral Arrangements to Lenox Hill Hospital and a Wide Range of Clients in the Area Including the Most Iconic Homes, Museums

We draw plenty of inspiration from the neighborhood itself for our upscale floral design. The area`s historic districts are front-of-mind as we create classically styled flower arrangements, as well as those displaying uniqueness and modern flair. We also place an emphasis on blooms for local landmarks and institutions, such as the event designs for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Its members` dining rooms are among our frequent clients. Another important area of focus are Get Well arrangements to Lenox Hill Hospital. Colorful, happy centerpieces to cheer up someone and wish a speedy recovery are plentiful in our online store, and better still they are available at a range of price points.

High-End Services for Corporate Clients | Special Events, Large-Scale Installations, CEO and Board of Directors Meetings

We proudly offer a range of Corporate Floral Services. Our creative caliber is higher and our quality it the finest. For upscale weekly floral destinations, gifts to clients and employees, or event design, we are pleased to develop looks to represent your business and brand beautifully and memorably. Our collection has both modern and classic elements, meaning that we easily can fit with your aesthetic and brand identity. In the contemporary range, we place an emphasis on white modern floral arrangements, and for more traditional looks, mixed color seasonal bouquets of extraordinary quality. Creating modern classics such as Clean Look Orchids is among our signatures and all our our designs are developed in-house and exclusive to us. We understand the area`s high-end needs and our flowers work well in situations with higher standards. Our complete suite of event design services are available for openings, celebrations, anniversaries and holiday parties. Our designers are available for site visits and complimentary consultations. We also are a corporate florist and if you are sending a gift for congratulations or thank you, many of our looks are perfect. These include white and monochromatic pieces as well as joyful seasonal bouquets. In addition, we feature the nicest floral arrangements for VIPs and celebrities, with many pieces of the appropriate size and high-caliber for film and music stars, TV personalities, fashion designers, Broadway actors, media editors, CEOs and their families.

Our Weekly Clients are Both Residential and Commercial | We Surprise them Continuously with the Finest Peonies, Calla Lilies, Tulips and More

If you are ordering a weekly subscription, we have a range of distinctive choices for both residential and corporate needs. We carefully consider interior styles and make sure to offer equally strong selections of both modern and classic for our weekly subscriptions to Madison Avenue retailers, as well as fine restaurants, boutique hotels, professional medical offices and corporate headquarters. We create tasteful and sophisticated floral arrangements created for public spaces ranging from reception areas, lobbies and conference rooms to executive offices and VIP waiting areas. For distinguished luxury residences, brownstones and fine apartment homes, we offer custom designed residential weekly service. For Madison Avenue retailers, as well as fine restaurants, boutique hotels, professional medical offices and corporate headquarters, we offer tasteful and sophisticated floral arrangements created for public spaces. These range from reception areas, lobbies and conference rooms to executive offices and VIP waiting rooms. And if you have a specific interior aesthetic, we can custom create upscale pieces to your specific color and style preferences. Because these are scheduled every week of the year, the creativity and ideas never end as we bring in the finest blooms to enhance your quality of life week after week.

The Highest Quality Orchids are Our Speciality | Remarkable Plants and Simply Unforgettable Orchid Arrangements

To many New Yorkers, orchids are the gold standard among flowers to send. Our designers agree and work extensively with this bloom which is a true symbol of nature`s perfection. Whether as sustainable living plants or cut blossoms, we go out of our way to feature the finest. There is no doubt that the light, peaceful appearance of an orchid can instill feelings of calm and beauty in nearly any space. They are among the finer things in life and are symbolic of modernism and sophisticated luxury. Area residents look to us for better orchids with designer touches that always add a little something extra. Iconic white blossoms are of course the most popular color, but pink and magenta are trending and each year they appear in more and more homes and offices. We favor sourcing our phalaenopsis plants, as well as vanda and cymbidium blooms from the city`s foremost growers and suppliers. We have a preference for sustainable and responsibly grown orchids and source those as often as possible.

High-End Roses in Bouquets that are the Epitome of Romantic Floral Design | Six-Dozen Stems in a Large Dome, or the Multi-Color Five-Dozen Biedermeier Style and Many More

Sending roses can be an ideal romantic gesture and throughout history that have been many Odes to their glamour and seductiveness. Our creative team invests considerable time in reimagining and updating the classics and if you feel roses have had their day, its time to review the selection in our online store. We offer more than 20 exclusive rose arrangements, many of which are among the most luxurious and elegant available. Our New York City florists are not only skilled artisans, but also they are complete romantics. It gives them great joy to create memorable new looks with your loved one`s tastes, favorite color and style in mind. The rose is a bloom with duality. It looks flawless in mono-flower bouquets, but also mixes gorgeously with peonies, tulips, orchids and other high-end blooms. These beautiful extraordinarily beautiful combinations appear throughout our collection. No matter what you`re looking for, we want to offer the best roses for Upper East Side flower delivery with an emphasis on the luxury tier. Two of the finest examples are our Biedermeier bouquet with five-dozen long-stem roses in a progressive multi-color display, and our Huge Luxury Dome with six-dozen long-stem roses. Both are among our best selling and top-rated upscale floral designs.

One-of-a-Kind Flower Arrangements from the Most Exceptional Online to Sensational Styling and Top Quality in Every Stem

Many of our clients have known and worked with us for a number of years. In addition to continuously offering them new choices as our collection is updated each season, we work with many to custom create unique and individual pieces. One-of-a-kind styles often are best suited to larger pieces where the opportunity to create a true focal point piece is much greater. Seasonal blossoms in unique designs often provide the best of-the-moment floral content. These can lean modern and contemporary, or be more classic and joyful. Textured garden-style floral arrangements also are on-trend and we currently feature four in our collection. These can be creative inspiration for larger one-off looks. And of course individual pieces can be based on color, bold and bright, soft and pastel, darket and sophisticated, or pure, clean white.

Here are Some General Thoughts from Our Experts About Caring for Your Plants and Blooms

Getting the most enjoyment out of your cut stems and sustainable plants, and helping them be longer lasting, is not difficult but it does require a few important steps. The first is watering. Cut blooms in New York City are helped by fresh water at least every two days. Plants do best in moist but never over-wet soil. If you are caring for an orchid plant, watering using two to four ice cubes every five to seven days and keeping its moss bed slightly moist but never wet is the most helpful approach. Orchids enjoy cool overnights so setting them on a window sill during the evenings can be beneficial. The next important consideration is sunlight and proximity to hot artificial lighting. While a living plant may enjoy a reasonable amount of sunlight on a daily basis, the life of cut blossoms often can be extended by keeping them away form direct sunlight. Also hot artificial lights can be harmful both because of the heat they give off and also their dying effect. Lastly in general the more humid the conditions, the better. Of course in an interior environment higher humidity locations are not always possible. But it can be considerations to keep in mind if one spot you are thinking about might be more humid than another.

Boutique Florist with Better Floral Gifts for Sympathy, Get Well, Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby, Congratulations, Thank You and Romance

Improving the user experience of ordering and sending the best centerpieces in the city is a process that requires numerous facets. Our goal is to transform the experience with better design and the utmost care in preparing each order. We also pay attention to everything related to presentation from vases to gift wrapping, to the stationery note card upon which your greeting is written. We use premium materials across the board and never cut corners. No Upper East Side flower shop matches Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design`s quality. This upscale approach has helped us win repeat clients and we hope will help you rest assured that we will represent your sentiments beautifully. Read our reviews on Trustpilot and Yelp. We want to be the best and we work every day to improve our materials, design and processes in order to offer you a better experience, no matter what occasion or aesthetic preference.

About Sending Flowers to the Upper East Side (UES)

The Upper East Side, sometimes referred to as the UES, is one of New York City`s most affluent and iconic neighborhoods. Distinguished by Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue, it is home to many of the city`s finest and most elegant apartment houses, townhouses and brownstones. Historically it was referred to as the Silk Stocking District and is located between Central Park and the East River, from East 59th to East 96th Streets. It sits across Central Park from the Upper West Side. To the south, the area shares borders with Sutton Place, Turtle Bay and Midtown East.The UES includes much of the city`s finest apparel and accessories shopping in designer stores on Madison Avenue. The iconic Bloomingdale`s store is located at Lexington Avenue and East 59th Street. The neighborhood itself includes the Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill and Yorkville sections.

An array of the world`s best known art museums is located along Fifth Avenue`s Museum Mile - these include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Frick Collection and the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. The 92nd Street Y on Lexington Avenue and East 92nd Street is also a landmark in the area. Major thoroughfares include Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue. Also all numbered streets from East 59th to East 96th Streets. York and East End run through Yorkville. Gracie Mansion Conservancy, at East 88th Street and East End Avenue in Carl Schurz Park, is the official residence of the Mayor of New York City. First, Second and Third Avenues and FDR Drive are other important routes through the neighborhood. We serve all sections of the neighborhood. Call us today!

Brownstones on the Upper East Side where we send high-end flowers same-day.

If you are looking for a better UES florist with the highest quality, easiest ordering and prompt same-day arrivals, please consider ordering from Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design. If you have questions or need further information, contact us using this Online Form or call 212-206-0750.