Premium Roses | The Classic Long-Stem Bouquet Redesigned

Splurge on these swanky and genuinely impressive modern long-stem roses in the large two-dozen size. Unusual, unique and sexy, this is an outstanding re-work of an iconic romantic rose arrangement. If you know flowers you will be impressed by this one.
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Premium Long-Stem Roses | Two Dozen
Available in Three Color Choices
Exclusive Design - A Classic Reimagined

Gabriela Wakeham`s Revival of an Icon | Long-Stem Romantic Roses in a Sensational New Style

If you are someone who thinks classic roses have had their day, we strongly urge you to give this updated long-stem rose bouquet a much closer look. First and most importantly, let us be up front that our New York City floral designers are confirmed rose fanatics. While they excel at all luxury flowers, they by nature place a special emphasis on roses. It pains them greatly to see these iconic blossoms over-exposed or falling into cliched looks from budget sellers. Their natural instincts are about shunning convention altogether and fighting back. In this spirit, they have created new and exciting high-end arrangements such as the one displayed here.

Unconventional and Unlike Others You Have Seen, These Could be Worthy of a Splurge for Your Special Person

Approaching design challenges with open minds and a sense of exploration are at the heart of all that we do. These modern long-stem roses, available in classic red, white or magenta, are perfect examples of our designers` courageous creativity. Styled in this unique and fresh way, they have proportions that are satisfying to the eye and so is the symmetry. In short, the American Beauty rose never has looked better and this easily is one of the newest hits in our online New York NY flower shop. Trends may come and go but well arranged expensive roses always will be in style. Fast on its way to becoming a contemporary classic, this bouquet rejuvenates one of the most beloved blooms in all of floristry, and does so with equal measures of tastefulness and love.