Quintessential Modern White Roses | Precise Pave Styling

You can send expensive looking roses without spending a lot. This first-class white rose arrangement has a look of uniqueness that will impress your friends and loved ones. Best of all, if you are ordering last minute, these are roses delivered same-day.
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Iconic White Pave | A Classic Reimagined
Modern Roses with Leaf Wrap
Client`s Choice | Highly Rated

Elegant Simplicity | A Re-Worked Classic Gives Roses a Contemporary Revitalization

There is a fine art to making even the most basic of luxury bouquets appear eye-catching and elegant, and that`s exactly what the creative directors at Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design have done with these premium roses in white. Drawing upon the timelessly beautiful pave arranging technique, they capitalize on the ideal of precision to render this piece simply extraordinary.  It is an ultimate look created by talented creators and is suitable for nearly any personal or corporate occasion. Wrapping the stems in a rich green tropical leaf takes the styling to a completely new level. Also make sure to notice the interesting medium stem length that modernizes roses, helping them look newly relevant and of the moment.

The High-End Rose Arrangment Achieves a Higher Level of Elegance in the Hands of Better Designers

The rose is undeniably one of the most special flowers but because of its stature sometimes can fall into over-use and cliche. Our creative team continuously works to keep this iconic bloom looking beautiful and appropriate for life today as is the case with these beautiful modern white roses. For same-day orders, these come absolutely highly recommended by all who have received them. In line with the form and function foundation of modernism, they exude an inherent elegance that is rare, unique and seasonless. Soothing to the soul and pleasing to the eye are among the most important tenets of professinal flower arranging, and our designers genuinely have met the gold standard with this classic rose arrangement.