Effortless Modern Elegance | Monochrome Orange Calla Lilies

Impressive rich orange calla lilies easily surpassing most standards of luxury and abundance. These modern beauties make elegant gifts for creative people who are visually sophisticated. Another great feature is their striking and unusual color.
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Monochromatic Orange Calla Lilies
Elegant & Unique Color
Popular Gift for Designers, Artists

One-of-a-Kind Color Highly Recommended for Creative Directors, Architects, Artists, Desingers

Unforgettable saturated color and confident arranging make for remarkably beautiful modern flowers. If you are ordering a gift for someone in the visual arts or design community who possesses highly refined visual sensibilities, consider sending these outstanding monochome orange premium calla lilies. They are both a Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design signature piece and an exclusive style. For utter refinement and extraordinary beauty, this is a look that few of the better New York City florists can compete with. In exquisite taste for any occasion, these can be lavish personal flowers and also are ideal for corporate senders.

Bold Orange Shown in this way is Discreetly Dramatic and Universally in Good Taste

Offering you out-of-the-ordinary looks with a distinctly modern inflection is among the key features of our online flower shop. When others try to compete by cutting corners and adding filler, we take the high-quality approach instead. Our designer floral arrangements as you can see here with dramatically gorgeous orange calla lilies, purely are composed of the best blooms and nothing else. Every element is a perfect blossom carefully selected fresh from market by a skilled florist. We want to give you the confidence to explore and try sending new styles. Its a win-win where we have the opportunity to expand our creative repertoire and you have a stronger and more interesting luxury flower collection from which to choose. Approximately 30 stems.