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Founded in Tribeca - delivering Flowers NYC to Manhattan, Williamsburg, Long Island City, DUMBO, Astoria and Brooklyn Heights

Daily Deliveries to Hotels, Residential Locations & Major NYC Business Centers

In a competitive world, our mission is to offer something better. Better design. Noticeably better flowers. Better client service. It’s a simple goal: to offer the best flowers NYC. With an emphasis on premium orchids, calla lilies, peonies, seasonal flowers and New York City’s best luxury roses we are a real local florist. All of our pieces are exclusive to us and designed in-house by master florists committed to the highest quality. We are New Yorkers ourselves and we understand the sophisticated needs of our clients and create high-end flower arrangements to meet those needs. We also believe in selection, offering our clients approximately 75 options in our online flower shop and we gladly accept custom orders.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."


Best flowers NYC. Best floirst NYC. A modern table flower arrangement for a corporate event in New York City, Custom upscale flowers NYC designed by Gabriela Wakeham.Best Flowers NYC – Better Design & Better Flowers

With the explosion in online flower selling, we notice a number of our competitors pushing clients into sameness. A box of roses that looks like a shipment from a chain store. Or a small selection only offering one design style. Our philosophy is about choice, strongly featuring all blooms, and offering elegant arrangements in many aesthetic styles. We stand for two things: better design & better flowers. It may sound simple but in today’s marketplace it has become a more and more important idea. Our luxury floral arrangements consider the potential of each blossom, what make its look best, how to make it longer lasting, and many other important design considerations. The result is fresh take on unique flowers.

Local Flowers NYC – A Boutique Florist Philosophy

When you send flowers for a personal or business need, they represent you. We understand this and hand craft everything to ensure what we deliver shows you are your best. This means working in small batches, selecting each stem individually, shopping the markets early each morning. It is an old world artisanal approach that assures you of maximum quality and freshness. Our philosophy of freshness means that we buy flowers only after our order is received. Unlike others who may let flowers sit for days in refrigerators, we deliver fresh-from-market blooms in every order. It requires extra effort, but it allows us to offer you the best flower quality and freshness.

Best Flowers NYC Delivery – Reliable Same Day Delivery Service

Another key aspect of offering the best flowers NYC is to follow through with fast, reliable delivery. Our team of professionals are experienced and committed to offering the best possible service. They hand carry every order and travel in climate controlled vans. During the hottest days of summer and the coldest periods of winter, fragile blooms need to be protected from temperature extremes. They handle only flowers and understand these unique needs. Follow through all the way to your special person’s home or office is a key aspect of our service. It’s a commitment to doing everything possible to assure of reliable delivery and follow through.

Flowers NYC -- Serving Manhattan, Williamsburg, Long Island City & More

Founded in Tribeca and now serving a much larger area, we today deliver flowers NYC in Manhattan as far north as 135th Street and also to Williamsburg, Long Island City, Dumbo, Astoria and Brooklyn Heights. In addition, we continue to place an emphasis on our original downtown neighborhoods of Tribeca, Soho, Hudson Square, the West Village, Wall Street, Lower East Side and Battery Park City.  Thanks to our Tribeca roots we fully embrace modernism, We offer a range of modern floral arrangements, often featuring orchids and calla lilies, for same-day flower delivery. Given New York City’s wonderful diversity, we often design with specific neighborhoods as inspiration, which enhances and expands the scope of our design.

Best Flowers NYC – Weekly Flower Delivery and Flower Delivery Subscriptions

We take great pride in serving a broad and varied clientele. And one thing our clients have in common is an appreciation for the best flowers NYC. A key part of our service is weekly flower delivery, or referred to be some as a flower subscription. To these homes and businesses, we create exclusive luxury floral arrangements and deliver them once a week on the day of their choosing between Monday and Friday. Our designers are available for site visits and complimentary consultations. Some weekly clients prefer a fixed look with a custom design, while others allow us the freedom to present different designs each week, often with a nod to the season, its peak blossoms and colors. Our weekly flower delivery clients include office reception areas, front desks, lobbies, restaurants, hotel lobbies, designer flagship stores and many others.

Flowers NYC – Business Florist for New York City

Whether for special events, thanking or congratulating client and colleagues, or weekly deliveries for lobbies and reception areas, businesses have unique floral needs. A key part of our business related to flowers NYC is corporate floral services. No matter what your need, please contact us using this online form or call 212-206-0750. Our master florists have designed hundreds of events at major venues all around the New York City metro area. In addition, they have custom designed floral arrangements in line with company office interiors, brand identity and individual preferences. Flowers for business need to have a specific look and we understand how to enhance any company’s aesthetic.

Best Flowers NYC – for Thank You, Congratulations, Birthday, Get Well, Sympathy & More

The approximately 75 options in our online flower shop are created with the idea of versatility and appropriateness in mind. This means they created to be sent for a variety of occasions and needs including thank you, congratulations, birthday, romance, get well, sympathy and many more. If you are sending to a blossom aficionado, we offer a range of both modern and classic looks. Also while white is the most popular hue, we design flowers in bright and bold colors. If you want to send a colorful bouquet as a cheer-up gift to a special person, we have some of the city’s most colorful and vibrant piece, all available for same-day flower delivery.

Luxury Flowers NYC – Luxury Roses

Roses are known the world over as universal and iconic symbols of love and romance. They are among the most beautiful blooms and have a storied history in art and culture. We strive to offer the best luxury rose arrangements in New York City. Our designers have challenged themselves to reinvent a number of classic rose bouquets. This means we avoid the clichés and instead place long-stem roses in elegant contemporary looks. These new and top-rated rose arrangements are among the city’s most distinctive and memorable. If you plan to send a bouquet of long-stem roses to a special person old or new, let us help with an extra luxurious look that will be a surprise and delight.

Best Flowers NYC – Premium Orchids

Orchids are among our signature flowers. Our goal is to offer the best orchid arrangements and high-end orchid plants. Because of the current overexposure of orchids, there is significant variation of quality. Our designers maintain close and active relationships with the area’s best growers and suppliers. As a result, we are able to offer premium orchids in a variety of high-end arrangements that are more lush and can be longer lasting. Our Phalaenopsis orchid plants are placed in elegant natural moss and set in elegant modern ceramic containers in your choice of black or white. All of these are available for same-day orchid delivery in New York City.

Flowers NYC – Thank You and Congratulations for Business Needs

If you need to order flowers to thank or congratulate values clients of business colleagues, we have a range of great options. Our business flower collection includes both modern and classic looks, many of which can be upsized for celebrities and VIPs. Also, if you are ordering congratulations or thank you flowers for a group of colleagues of clients, we can custom create a uniform look, or vary the flowers by person. White flowers compose the largest color group in our business floral collection with arrangements featuring orchids, calla lilies, roses and peonies. In addition,many of our strong color monochromatic looks make appropriate choices to send for business.

Best Flowers NYC – Same-Day Delivery

Our delivery team is at your service every day Monday through Saturday. If you need same-day flower delivery in New York City, we can help. Simply place your order by 12 noon on the requested day of delivery and we will get your order out right away. Better yet, all of the approximately 75 high-end flower arrangements in our online flower shop are available for same-day delivery. Unlike others who may limit your choices, we are proud to offer our entire collection. This includes premium orchids, roses, calla lilies, peonies and the freshest, most vibrant seasonal blooms comprising the best flowers NYC has to offer. These upscale flowers are displayed in both modern and classic arrangements, each handcrafted and of the highest quality.

Flowers NYC – Local Florist in Manhattan with Delivery

When you order from Gabriela Wakeham you are ordering from a local florist, independently owned, and based in the Chelsea and Midtown areas of Manhattan. Our delivery service is reliable and our flowers among the freshest. We know our clients, many by name, and have the right caliber floral arrangements and service for celebrities and VIPs. Our online flower shop is open to accept orders 24/7. If you would like to ask a question or discuss a custom piece, please contact us using this online form or call 212-206-0750

About Ordering the Best Flowers in New York City*

New York City is at the heart of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Its five boroughs are located strategically where the Hudson River flowers into the Atlantic Ocean. In terms of population, NYC is the fourth largest city in North America. The city’s global reputation is as a financial, commercial and artistic center. It also is home to many of the world’s best known publishing and media companies as well as the Broadway Theater District. Landmarks in the borough of Manhattan include the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the United Nations, Times Square, the Empire State building and Rockefeller Center. The areas known as Museum Mile on the Upper East Side is home to a remarkable group of cultural institutions including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Cooper Hewitt. Not far away, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and St. Patrick’s Cathedral are located in Midtown Manhattan. New York City is a member of the world community with one of the most ethnically diverse populations of any city in America. People from all around the globe have settled in New York City, often beginning as students at Columbia University, New York University, The New School for Social Research, the Parsons School of Design or Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. These institutions of higher learning are located around NYC in neighborhoods including the Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, Union Square and the East Village. In addition countless independent study and inspiration opportunities for artists and designers are offered in studio programs often located in Soho, Tribeca and Williamsburg. Surprising for a major city, NYC is home to a number of parks with significant outdoor recreational opportunities including Central Park, Riverside Park and Hudson River Park.

*We deliver flower arrangements NYC only to certain areas of New York City. These include Manhattan as far north as 135th Street as well as Long Island City, Dumbo Brooklyn, Williamsburg Brookln, Brooklyn Heights and Astoria. First located in Tribeca and now headquartered in Chelsea, we are a florist in NYC that continues to place a special emphasis on the downtown neighborhoods of Wall Street, Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, Soho, Hudson Square and Battery Park City.

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We work hard every day to offer the best flower NYC delivery and the best flowers in NYC. If you have questions or need further information, please contact us using this Online Form or call 212-206-0750. Read more here about our flower delivery service.