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Williamsburg Brooklyn`s Best Flower Delivery

A strong sense of creativity and a firm commitment to enhancing the inherent beauty of flowers is at the heart of our design-driven philosophy. Authenticity is key to our approach. Gabriela Wakeham is a local boutique florist delivering to Williamsburg Brooklyn with an artisinal approach. Every floral arrangement we offer has been created in-house and is exclusive to us. Using classical hand-arranging techniques and strongly favoring sustainably and responsibly raised flowers, our goal is to offer the best florist in Williamsburg with delivery. With an emphasis on premium orchids, calla lilies, peonies, seasonal blooms and the NYC’s best roses, we hand select each stem fresh from market daily. In addition, we offer business floral arrangements including event design and also weekly flower delivery in Williamsburg.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."



Best Florist Williamsburg Brooklyn Delivery

All of our flowers are arranged by senior designers with significant experience and a deep love of their craft. It is this creatively inspired approach that leads us now only to offer memorable modern looks, but also to re-work the classics. Our goal is to be the best florist serving Williamsburg Brooklyn. We have a range of great options for thank you, birthday, anniversary, congratulations, romance, get well, friendship and sympathy. We use only the freshest premium blooms and we challenge ourselves to maintain high aesthetic quality across our collection. For example, the rose is an iconic blossom that falls easily into cliched looks lacking originality and interest. In the hands of our master florists these elegant blooms are transformed, made new and interesting in contemporary looks that bring out their intrinsic beauty.

High-End Williamsburg Flower Delivery

While we take pride in offering a range of prices in our collection of top-rated floral arrangements, we truly excel at the higher end. If you are looking to send flowers to a special person, valued business colleague, celebrity or VIP, consider the options in our luxury collection. As a premium florist delivering to Williamsburg Brooklyn, we seriously consider the need to offer exceptional pieces drawing on the best of our design ability. These include upscale orchids, peonies, calla lilies, seasonal flowers and premium roses in some of the largest and most luxurious floral arrangements available anywhere in the city. In addition, we gladly accept requests for special orders and custom pieces.

Williamsburg Brooklyn Florist for Business -- Weekly Delivery, Event Design, Corporate Floral Services

If you are accepting design Proposals for a business floral needs in Williamsburg, please contact us using this online form or call 212-206-0750. We offer a full range of business services with an emphasis on weekly flower delivery in Williamsburg. Front desk, reception and showroom flowers are among our specialties, and we offer custom design service at no additional charge. In addition, if you are planning an event, we have event floral design and deliver Williamsburg’s best special event flowers. Our business and corporate clients also include restaurants, hotels, night clubs, galleries, performance spaces, studios, lofts and designer retail stores.

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Williamsburg Florist Service Offering Elegant Vintage Floral Arrangements

With the current strong interest in looks inspired by Dutch master paintings, our designers have created an exclusive collection of vintage floral arrangements. These have a look of freshness and a just-picked-from-the-garden quality that many find interesting. With the look of organic flowers, the lush and direct design of these vintage pieces quickly have made them client favorites. The lushness of their base of vintage greens is played off the bright pops of color from the key blooms in each design. Color choices range from soft elegant lavender, to hot pink, sunny yellow and distinctive white gold. Vintage vases follow the theme of each and they have become new classics in our product portfolio.

Williamsburg Brooklyn`s Modern Flowers Delivered Same-Day

Originally founded in Tribeca when Manhattan was more creative and less gentrified, we have an authentic love and full embrace of modernism.  Many of our earliest clients lived in modern spaces with improvised looks unique to each individual. With an emphasis on calla lilies and Phalaenopsis orchids, we take great pride in being a florist with modern flowers serving Williamsburg. Each of the pieces in our modern collection embodies the design ideals of purity, clarity, form and function. Focusing on exceptional blooms hand selected fresh from market each morning, we work in small batches with only senior people designing every piece. We are committed to quality and consistency in all of our work.

Williamsburg`s Best Flowers by Season

As natural objects, flowers effortlessly create an annual progression that marks the changing of seasons and progression of each year. Capitalizing on seasonal flower arrangements in Williamsburg offers us one of the most important opportunities for creativity and distinction. Beginning with anemones in early spring and progressing to classic spring flowers such as peonies, tulips and hyacinths, we offer a beautiful array of seasonal flowers. The sunflowers and dahlias of summer give way to mums and harvest colors of fall before holly, pine and magnolia leaves accent the holiday season. Also, if you are looking to order a custom seasonal flower arrangement with delivery to Williamsburg, we can help.

Best Williamsburg Brooklyn Florist with Delivery

Knowing our clients look to us to represent them beautifully and elegantly with flowers to loved ones, friends and business colleagues, we emphasize quality in all parts of our process. This includes hand wrapping each arrangement in highest quality materials. Also, we communicate your greetings on a handwritten custom stationery card in a quality envelope. And when your flower gift leaves the studio, our expert delivery crew takes over. Several of them Williamsburg residents themselves, they know the neighborhood and are committed to ensuring your blooms reach your recipient’s home or office in absolutely perfect condition. They hand carry each item and use climate controlled vans to protect delicate blossoms from weather and temperature extremes.

Williamsburg`s Best Orchid Delivery with Same-Day Service

Premium white Phalaenopsis orchids are undoubtedly nearly universal symbols of modern perfection. Their lush and numerous blooms, hearty leaves and graceful stems are compelling to the eye no matter what your taste. Our goal is to offer premium orchids that make us the best florist in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We individually select sustainable orchid plants and stems for orchid arrangements fresh from market every morning. Because of their popularity, orchids turn up in a variety of setting and quality levels. You can rest assured that our orchid plants and luxury orchid arrangements are of the highest quality and freshness. We carefully maintain relationship with the best local orchid growers and suppliers to maintain top quality.

Best Roses in Williamsburg Brooklyn with Fast Delivery

Our designers are confirmed rose lovers. Rescuing this iconic blooms from cliche and restoring it to elegance and glamour is among their chief design objectives. Our roses delivered in Williamsburg are elegant, surprising and beautiful. Each unique modern rose arrangement is created in-house and unique to us. We feature the city`s best long-stem red roses and place them in some of the largest and most opulent and luxurious designs available. In the luxury rose category, two of the largest and most popular are our Huge Rose Dome and our elegantly ombred Beidermeier romantic bouquet. Sending either of these to a special love, new or old, will make a great impression.

Williamsburg`s Upscale Boutique Florist

At Gabriela Wakeham we take pride in our creativity and independence. We are a locally owned boutique florist Williamsburg Brooklyn with a unique and design driven approach. We know many of our clients by first name and provide personalized courteous service. Our online flower shop offers approximately 75 choices, many of which also have color and size options. We ourselves live in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We understand the sophisticated visual point-of-view of our discerning clientele and we offer a range of choices appropriate for their needs. In addition, we happily accept projects for custom orders and pieces. Our designers love a challenge and can create nearly anything you can request.

 Same-Day Flower Delivery in Williamsburg Brooklyn

When time is of the essence our goal is to offer the best same-day flower delivery in Williamsburg. If you need same-day delivery, kindly contact us with your order before 12 noon on any weekday, Monday through Friday. Nearly every design in our online flower shop is available for same-day service. We strive to complete all office deliveries by 4 p.m. daily and all residential deliveries by 6 p.m. Especially in romantic and new-love moments, fast flower delivery can be of the utmost importance. We understand these occasions are from our local studio we can quickly make-up your requested Williamsburg Brooklyn floral arrangement and send it out for delivery.

Williamsburg`s Best Florist with Same-Day Delivery

We are an authentic local florist serving Williamsburg. We offer distinctive and memorable designs no matter what flower you choose. Unlike some recent online flower providers with repertories limited to a single bloom, we loved all blossoms and use each liberally in our high-end floral arrangements. Our clients are unique as individuals and each has a preference a bit different from the other. The broad and varied collection we offer in our online flower shop covers all of the bases. Modern, romantic, classic, special occasion. All potential needs are considered with a range of elegant options available. Help us become the best florist Williamsburg Brooklyn. If you have questions, need to discuss a custom floral arrangement or need other information, please contact us using this online form or call 212-206-0750.

We Deliver The Best Flowers NYC to Williamsburg Brooklyn

The Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York City, is a global epicenter for new ideas in music, art, design and culture. Since its rise in the early 2000s, Williamsburg NYC has become one of the most influential neighborhoods in the city. Nicknamed Little Berlin, Williamsburg is known for its hipster culture and as the birthplace of the electroclash movement in music. Located across the Williamsburg Bridge from Manhattan, it borders Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Greenpoint, Fort Greene and East Williamsburg among others. The Domino Sugar Project on Kent Avenue along the Williamsburg waterfront is one of NYC’s highest profile new developments. Music and performance spaces in Williamsburg Brooklyn being emphasized in current media coverage include Luna Lounge, Cake Shop, Knitting Factory and the Brick Theater. The Williamsburg Independent Film Festival was founded in 2010 and is another event to enhance the Brooklyn neighborhood’s importance in New York City’s cultural life. We deliver flowers to all areas of Williamsburg including Kent, Bedford, Metropolitan and Driggs Avenues as well as Havemeyer, Roebling, Grand and Berry Streets.

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If you are looking for the best florist in Williamsburg Brooklyn and have questions or need further information, please contact us using this Online Form or call 212-206-0750. Read more here about our flower delivery service to Williamsburg Brooklyn.