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Soho`s Best Florist with NYC Flower Delivery - Better Design. Better Flowers. - Gabriela Wakeham

Daily Deliveries to Soho NYC including Prince, Spring and Broome Streets, Broadway & West Broadway,
also Wooster, Sullivan, Thompson, Greene and all others nearby in Zip Code 10012

Gabriela Wakeham`s approach is design driven in every aspect. We proudly strive to become the best florist Soho NYC for flower delivery. We are a locally owned NYC boutique florist. Soho is an area of concentration for us and all of our arrangements are exclusive designs created by our master florists daily. We buy only after receiving orders and proudly deliver freshest blossoms in Soho. Flower delivery includes orchids, calla liliespeonies and premium seasonal flowers. NYC`s best roses are our speciality and our mission is to offer the best rose delivery in Soho NYC. If you are looking to send long-stem roses in a romantic bouquet to a special person, please check out our unique collection. Our upscale floral design offering also extends to commercial clients and we deliver high-end business flowers in Soho, NYC. Weekly flower delivery of the finest flowers is part of our suite of NYC corporate floral services. We also offer custom events flowers in Manhattan - delivery and design. Our Soho NYC flower devliery client roster includes designer flagship stores, hotels, restaurants, galleries and lofts.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."




Soho`s Best Florist with NYC Delivery

As a premium florist serving Soho NYC, we take pride in our wide-ranging aesthetic offering including both classic and contemporary floral design. Modern flower arrangements are among our specialties. An enthusiastic embrace of modernism and its elegant emphasis on form and function guides much of our work. We work hard to design and deliver Soho`s best flowers. NYC flower delivery in Soho includes all of the highest profile streets from West Broadway, Wooster, Greene, Sullivan and Thompson to Prince, Spring and Broome. In recommending to clients the best flowers delivered in Soho, we often recommend our large modern white calla lilies which are a perennial client favorite. Another great modern flower choice are our upscale orchid arrangements featuring our ultra high-end Simply Chic white Phalaenopsis orchids delivered to Soho same-day in NYC.

Soho`s Florist for Delivering Corporate Flowers NYC

As one of the best Soho florists in NYC, our designers are aware of the neighborhood`s rich history as well as its present and future. While galleries, creative studios and lofts continue to distinguish the Soho as one of NYC`s  hubs of art and design, there is little doubt that at the street level designer stores have become the neighborhood’s most distinguishing characteristic. All of these are among our commercial clientele and we have the best Soho business flower delivery in NYC. Flowers delivered weekly and monthly include the finest orchids, calla lilies, peonies, roses and seasonal blooms. Our Soho NYC flower devliery helps a broad roster of designer flagship stores and fashion showrooms looks their best from Broadway to Crosby Street and between Houston and Canal.

Best florist Soho NYC delivery of the finest flowers in New York City. Soho NYC florist with modern flowers and delivery. A streetview of Soho Manhattan, south of Houston Steet,

Soho`s Best Orchids - Delivered

With a elegant look that ius simultaneously classic and modern, orchids delivered in Soho are the perfect look in flowers. NYC flower devliery same-day is among our specialities and in terms of popularity, orchids are an essential blossom in modern homes and offices. Our goal is to offer the best orchid delivery in Soho NYC. Orchid sustainable plants and cut-bloom arrangements are equally beautiful and appropriate. We are a local NYC florist for Soho and have close relationships with the city’s best orchid growers and wholesalers. Our designers shop the markets daily to source the finest stems and plants. With proper care our orchid plants can be longer-lasting and are a great gift in place of cut blossoms. We also offer premium NYC floral arrangements delivered in Soho mixing orchids with other upscale blooms for an unexpected and memorable look.

NYC`s Best Roses with Soho Delivery

We are romantic rose specialists and have approached the rose in new and contemporary creations all with the intent of featuring the finest luxury roses in Soho. NYC rose devliery is same-day with an elegant range of choices. These include a rework of the classic NYC rose bouquet in our Modern Long-Stem Roses. They are a perfect romantic gift for a loved one new or old. Our high-end rose collection also includes some of NYCs best roses in large arrangements ensuring that we are a top-rated source for rose delivery in Soho.

Soho`s Finest Florist for Upscale Floral Arrangements

Our original flower shop was founded just next-door to Soho in Tribeca, and since then we have watched Soho grow and change with the times. It is with great pride that we have become known as the best florist Soho NYC. We also offer custom pieces created to your specifications and hope that you will give us the opportunity to send blooms in your behalf for a business or personal occasion today. We offer an exclusive collection with approximately 75 arrangements from which to choose. Our designers also will create custom pieces to you specifications including romantic flower arrangements or looks that are appropriate for business needs.

Local NYC Florist Soho Delivery

Many of our modern floral arrangements were created to harmonize beautifully with the contemporary interiors of galleries, studios, lofts, showrooms and flagship stores. We are an upscale Soho florist with exceptional flowers. NYC flower devliery to Soho is same-day. A striking example of one of our finest pieces is the Large White Modern Calla Lilies. In this distinctive NYC floral arrangement, perfect white calla lilies are hand selected fresh from market. Then these beautiful flowers are arranged by hand in our signature twist design and placed in a clear round vase to display the entire bloom from stem to blossom. One of our top-rated and most popular pieces, these are great modern NYC flowers delivered in Soho.

Soho Florist for Event Flowers NYC

We offer event floral design services for corporate flowers in Soho. In addition to our work for individual and business thank you and congratulations flowers, we also design event flowers. NYC flower devliery to Soho is handled by our professional crew who are experienced at all major venues in Soho and throughout NYC. Flowers for designer flagship stores, whether the events are for media or VIP clients, are among our most frequent Soho floral design pro;jects. For thewse clients, we offer complimentary consultations and design services. We are available for Soho floral design site visits and will be pleased to design custom NYC event flowers delivered  in Soho to support your aesthetic and business needs. Our Soho corporate florist installation crew has worked in many locations in Soho. They will make the process seamless and perfect for you on an important day.

Help us become the Best Flower Soho NYC. If you have questions or need further information, please contact us using this Online Form or Call 212-206-0750. To read more about our complete list of NYC delivery areas, please click here.

Send the Best Flowers to Soho NYC

Soho is one of New York City’s most influential neighborhoods. Its namesake location South of Houston is an area also bordered by Canal Street as well as Broadway and Avenue of the Americas. In between are many streets which are famous and well known in their own rights including Prince, Spring, Broome, Mercer, Wooster, Green and Sullivan. The area is a quintessential creative downtown neighborhood with artist’s lofts and designer studios in historic cast-iron buildings. In fact, the Soho Historic District is one of NYC’s most iconic. It shares borders with Tribeca, Nolita, Greenwich Village and Hudson Square.

The Soho Grand Hotel and the James are among the area’s better known hotels. Among the more interesting Soho cultural institutions is the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. The Judd Foundation at the corner of Spring and Mercer Streets is a landmark with significance to the area’s artistic past. Because of its proximity to our original location in Tribeca, Soho has always been an area of emphasis for Gabriela Wakeham’s NYC flower delivery.