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Tribeca Flower Delivery NYC - Florist Founded on Greenwich Street

Flower delivery in Tribeca NYC. Gabriela Wakeham is a unique local NYC florist established on Greenwich Street in Tribeca in 2009. We continue to serve floral enthusiasts in the neighborhood and take great pride in offering exceptional high-end flower delivery to Tribeca. In our handcrafted arrangements, all our exclusive designs, we feature modern flowers including orchids, calla lilies, peonies and premium seasonal flowers. We favor responsibly and sustainably grown blooms, and design the best roses delivered in Tribeca. Today we have grown to serve all of Manhattan as far north as 135 Street. But for us, Tribeca and it`s people and lifestyle are the heart and soul of what we do.  Its a philosophy about seeking and making the best and offering it to a discerning clientele who understand and appreciate our tasteful, high-end floral arrangements.

Tribeca Flower Delivery  | Best High-End Blooms

Tribeca NYC flower delivery. Florist in Tribeca NYC. Orchid and rose deliveries to lofts, luxury high rises and boutique hotels are scheduled weekly We proudly deliver luxury flowers in Tribeca NYC and are a locally owned NYC boutique flower shop offering the freshest and finest blooms. Our master floral designers live and work in NYC and we understand the world-class sophisticated aesthetic that is valued here. We serve exceptional residences and create elegant floral arrangements using the finest calla lilies, orchids, peonies, roses and seasonal flowers that harmonize beautifully with both modern and traditional interiors. Our designers love the creative process and happily create custom pieces to your exact specifications, often delivering on a weekly basis.

Tribeca NYC Business Flower Delivery

We specialize in high-end business flower delivery in Tribeca with weekly and monthly service to offices, hotels, restaurants, stores and building lobbies. We have created distinctive exclusive pieces in a range of aesthetics and are available for onsite floral design consultations. We also design event flowers for Tribeca and can reflect either the season, event theme or corporate color direction in the custom items produced. If you are looking for weekly floral delivery service either with a single look or one that is varied over time, our designers can create the perfect look.

Tribeca Orchid Delivery

Premium orchids delivered to Tribeca are our specialty! Our master florists deal with the finest growers and wholesalers and have daily access to high-end orchids. Our selection includes sustainable orchid plants and dazzling cut-blossom arrangements using upscale Phalaenopsis orchids. All orchids are delivering daily in Tribeca. Color choices include pure white as well as rich shades of pink and magenta.

Tribeca Best Rose Delivery

If you are looking to send the best romantic roses delivered in Tribeca, please take a look at our exceptional rose offering. We have some of NYCs most elegant upscale rose arrangements featuring premium roses in one-of-a-kind hand arranged designs.

Advancing the art of floral design and continuously finding new ways to arrange and display beautiful blooms as a way of enhancing people’s lives is our primary interest. We love blossoms and we want to excite and captivate others with their limitless ability to bring joy, happiness and peace to everyday life.

Tribeca Modern Flower Delivey

Our designers create exceptional floral arrangements across the aesthetic spectrum. But we specialize in modern flowers delivered in Tribeca. We fully embrace modernism in floral design emphasizing the ideals of clarity, purity and form. Many of our monochromatic bouquets are among the most popular in our offering. Each focuses on a single color and the creative approach is to enhance the inherent beauty of the bloom itself. We are a modern florist in Tribeca and our goal is to create the perfect contemporary floral arrangements for loft homes, studios, galleries and modern offices around the neighborhood.

Tribeca Florist Delivery

Our approach is design-driven and our modern flowers delivered in Tribeca are all exclusive to us. We have an in-house team of senior designers creating high-end floral arrangements for delivery in Tribeca same-day and next-day, depending on when you place your order. In order to assure you that your blossoms will arrive in peak and perfect condition, our delivery team uses temperature controlled vehicles. They hand carry each piece until it reaches its final destination to an office or home in Tribeca. We work in small batches with stems individually selected by hand daily to keep everything its freshest.

Tribeca High-End Flower Delivery

We are a real local florist in Tribeca with delivery. Unlike others you may see that limit your choice to a single flower or design style, we work with all flowers. Our designers can create amazing modern floral arrangements with orchids, calla lilies, premium roses, peonies and seasonal flowers. We also can accept custom floral orders and hand arrange upscale blooms according to your precise specifications. Our designers welcome creative challenges and if you can dream it, describe it or sketch it, can bring it to reality. We take pride in designing both modern and classic floral arrangements and delivering to Tribeca with fast, dependable service.

Our mission is to offer the best flower delivery in Tribeca. If you need further information or have questions, please contact us using this Online Form or call 212-206-0750. We deliver many types of flowers to Tribeca NYC.