A Surprise in Roses | Orange Contemporary

Roses in out-of-the-ordinary orange are a fresh idea in premium flowers. These unusual beauties are not like anything you have seen before. This is definitely an innovative gift suggestion for creative and unique people. Surprising color looks exciting.
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Orange Contemporary Roses
Unique Look and Color in Roses
Modern Dark Wood Vase

New Artisan Roses in the Unexpectedly Beautiful Color of Orange

If you know someone who absolutely loves orange, or if you are sending during autumn, this is a genius look. All the quality and elegance of upscale roses with an unconventional pop of bold color. A precise contemporary floral arranging style gives this piece a truly designer appearance. Highlights of green are mixed in artfully to add depth and texture. If you are thinking about ordering roses and are in the mood to break the rules and send something more unusual, then this can be a beautiful choice. Our creative team works hard to offer new options that you won`t find at other New York City florists and this one fits the bill for innovation.

The Rose is the Gold Standard of Flowers | Our Next-Level Design Makes them More Interesting Visually

Individually selecting each rose fresh from market every morning is a part of our daily process to help assure the highest quality and freshness. Also much of our quality is in the details such as the expensive rectangular natural wood vase that creates the base for this premium arrangement of orange roses. We strive to offer the best NYC rose delivery and unexpected colorations with highest quality elements are of the utmost importance to us. Selecting gifts that are remembered and appreciated often is unique to the individual, and favorite colors such as orange can be a good way to hone in on exactly the perfect choice.