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Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham
Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham

Organic Vintage Antique Purple Designer`s Choice - Flowers Vary

Elegant soft purple flowers in an artful vintage garden mixed flower arrangement. Organic looking lavender color flowers in a footed antique silver vase.  Delivery available to NYC locations in Manhattan, Williamsburg, DUMBO, Long Island City and Astoria.

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Our Organic Vintage Antique Purple luxury flower arrangement is an artful flower creation of color and sophistication for NYC.  These purple blooms have the look and feel of the flowers a Dutch Master painting.  Every day our expert flower designers source only the finest and freshest flowers and greens available from the New York City flower markets, based on the day`s availability, making every Organic Vintage Antique Purple floral display utterly unique and completely beautiful. 


Shades of violet, lavender and more will delight your eye as you take in every inch of this romantic, mixed garden look arrangement.  It’s a marriage of old-world style and modern sensibilities in flowers.  And when we add an antique silver vase to your flower arrangement, it takes the total look to a completely different level.  This is upscale luxuriousness in flowers achieved with soft, textured, natural elemanets. The Organic Vintage Antique Purple flower arrangement is suitable to a variety of occasions and locations — be it a charming bridal shower in Tribeca, an contemporary reception area in DUMBO, a friendly dinner in Williamsburg or a stylish dressing room in a Broadway theater.  Treat yourself or show your passion for purple by gifting this lively floral creation to a friend, family member or loved one.  It’s one of the easiest ways of brightening someone’s day or improving your own outlook on the world.
Purple has power.  It has a richness and an eye-catching quality that demands respect and admiration.  The color purple — as evidenced here by our gorgeous floral bouquet — creates an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance.  It’s no wonder that it’s a favorite color among both royalty and rock stars.  Picture, for example, the majesty of  Queen Elizabeth II’s Imperial State Crown.  And who has not thrilled to the sound of the artist Prince’s musical tour-de-force “Purple Rain?” 
From a color psychology perspective, the color purple promotes harmony amongst our emotions.  It contributes to mental stability and peace of mind.  Imagine looking across the room to see the Organic Vintage Antique Purple flower arrangement.  As you sit there, just let its soothing colors and heady scents wash over you, calming your spirit, nurturing your soul and improving your quality of life.  And with living in the fast-paced hustle and bustle of New York City, you can always use that kind of psychic TLC now and then. 


Too often when you order from an online florist with prices too low to be believeable, the flowers you send arrive not as fresh nor in the perfect condition they should be.  That’s never the case when your order one of our designer flower creations.  We don’t use flowers and other plant materials that have been sitting around in a cooler for days at a time.  We select the freshest blooms from the best flower markets only after we’ve received your order.  Our skilled designers know that the these luxury flowers, as well as their accompanying vases and containers, are fragile works of design and deserve to be treated as such.  To that end we employ a highly-trained concierge staff of delivery professionals.  Their number one priority is to make sure your flowers arrive in perfect, pristine condition when and where you want them.  So wrap yourself in a purple haze of deliciousness and order the Organic Vintage Antique Purpler flower arrangement today!