Antique Purple Vintage Botanicals | Peak-of-Season Luxury Flowers

Overflowing and abundant purple seasonal flowers are the centerpiece of our most popular garden style textured floral arrangement. This one is among our favorite designs. It is a natural beauty hand arranged in an organic and botanical look that makes it an ideal gift for you to send to environmentally conscious people.
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Antique Purple Vintage Botanical
Textured Garden Style Luxury Flowers
Designer`s Choice - Exact Blooms Vary

Fresh and Naturally Delightful | An Elegant Rejuvenation of Textured Garden Style Floral Arranging

If your tastes lean toward organic and natural looks, our vintage botanical floral arrangement in antique purple is a great way to dive into the latest trend. In this of-the-moment piece, our designers apply their formidable creative skills to putting together one of the city`s best bouquets of textured garden style flowers. Created to uphold the small-batch artisinal preferences of the hipster culture identified with Williamsburg, it actually is an ideal gift to send anywhere. Like all of our high-end styles, this one is created by hand in our local flower shop by trained floral artisans who value design and authenticity. In fact, each stem that goes into it is selected by hand.

Bountiful Blooms Representing Nature`s Best During Every Season and Moment in the Year

Softly beautiful blooms in lavender and violet are interspersed with elegant greens for a light and peaceful look. In fact, it gives off a dual vibe of sustainability and fresh-cut from the garden. Like many millennials, members of our creative team grew up loving flowers and responsible gardening as part of an overall focus on the environment and earth friendliness. Creating vintage bouquets of market fresh flowers as newer additions to our line-up has been one of their favorite projects so far this year. Knowing there are many designs of this style coming onto the market, they made a concerted effort to one up their competitors and create the best.

Inventive and Stylish Vintage Flowers Created and Delivered by One of the Most Celebrated Florists

Also at work here are thoughtful considerations of each detail. For example, the search for the perfect vase. After working through many options, the group settled on antique silver mercury glass in a retro footed style. Its color works ideally with the shades of the blossoms, and its antiqued patina finish makes a perfect underpinning to a vintage flower arrangement. And of course the color purple, which is a favorite around the GW studio, known for its regal and powerful connotations. Better still, the seasonal flowers change throughout the year meaning no two are alike and while yours will reflect the product photograph, it will be completely unique to the same day your order is delivered.