European Old World Styling | Pastel Campanelle Luxury Flowers

These are fanciful and ornate blossoms for a lady to fall in love with. European-style luxury floristry is on display in this parfait cup of colors on top of a foundation of white. Wrapped in a tropical leaf it is lavish, elegant and perfectly balanced.
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Elegant Pastel Campanelle Flowers
European Luxury Styling
Popular Classic Luxury Floral Gift

A Most Traditional European Style Look with Flair | Mixed Colors and Blooms are Perfectly Beautiful

Lovers of traditional upscale floral arranging and the prettiest flowers will give highest marks to this Pastelle Campanelle mixed bouquet. Elegant layering of textures is taken to a new level, and every blossom is placed lovingly and precisely. As prim and proper as they come, this is a ladylike piece that is among the most classic looks in our online floral store. Loaded with old-world European charm and soft pastel coloration, it is plush, comfortable and perfect in every way. The timeless beauty of this style of flower arrangement comes highly recommended by our creative directors who themselves also love tradition.

Flamboyant and Fancy Flowers that are a Great Suggestion for Traditionalists | Highest Quality Premium Blooms

Making those who receive them feel fancier is the goal of our Pastel Campanelle luxury floral arrangement. It has more blooms than many styles and a level of embellishment the defies definition by superlatives. The footed glass trumpet vase is lined with a variegated green tropical leaf that artistically wraps and conceals the stems of the blossoms above. It is another added touch that you find only from high-end designers. Sometimes fully embracing conventional styles and taking them to the highest level of perfection can bring stunningly beautiful results.