Roses of Distinction | Peach Booms in Antique Silver

Supreme ladylike elegance can be yours when you send these expensive and delicate peach roses in an elegant antique silver vase. You will be choosing a favorite of our creative director and some of the prettiest and nicest roses in New York City.
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Peach Roses in Antique Silver
Creative Director`s Favorite
Beautiful Gift for Many Occasions

Better Roses Styled in a Softly Elegant Coloration with Perfect Hand Arranging

Have you ever loved something and wished more people would appreciate its beauty and make it even more popular? Our lead creative director feels exactly this way about our pretty bouquet of peach roses that are hand arranged in a luxurious antique silver glass vase. She herself has been in love with roses since childhood and personally created this perfect traditionally styled arrangement of upscale roses. She views this as an ideal choice for tradition-loving ladies who have classic style and prefer the finer things in life. The rose blooms are set in a gentle dome shape with some green leaves showing at the bottom for a refined designer appearance.

Proper and Traditional Floral Design with an Overtone of Glamour and Sophistication

Splended peach roses presented in a high-quality metallic vase might not be a new idea -- but the point here is about high-quality and perfect arranging. The sort of thing you look for from one of the best NYC florists. At Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design we are an online independent local flower shop designing with the rose in a myriad of high-end motifs. Also if you ever have considered ordering weekly deliveries, this might be a perfect first look if your home or office has a traditional style. Many times we begin scheduled service with an inspiration piece and these roses in a soft peach can be a jumping off point leading to many other gorgeous traditional bouquets.