Unique Color Living Plants | Our Succulent Oasis in Pink and Green

Original and unusually colorful these top-quality succulent plants in pink and green make this sustainable mini garden an impressive gift choice. It is a superb and creative plant gift that is as elegant as it is fun. First rate and perfect for anyone.
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Succulent Oasis | Sustainable
Modern Mini Garden of Plants
Unique Colors | Popular Gift

A Sophisticated and Colorful Look of Happiness and Calm | What Could be Better?

When it comes to high-end plant arrangements you might send as a gift in New York City, this one is a triple threat. It offers unique coloration, long-term sustainability and innovative design. Given all of these pluses, its no wonder our Succulent Oasis in dusty pink and green is recipient of five-star reviews and kudos from clients. At Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design, we are proud to be known for unusual and out-of-the-ordinary designs, and here is a perfect example of both. Sustainable plants are on the upswing in popularity. By all measures, they are trending as great alternatives to send in place of cut flowers for both women and men.

Sustainability is a Major Advantage of Sending Plants in place of Floral Arrangements

The soft pink and green plants in Succulent Oasis are enhanced by the imaginative color of the gold natural wood planter. In fact, the three shades together are a genius look. They are unlike others you may have seen before and have an innate sense of character and charm. This one is a creative director`s pick and something we think you will love even more as you look at it a second or third time. Taking simple things such as smaller succulent plants and helping them reach new heights of interest and beauty is a cornerstone of our design-driven creative philosophy. We truly want to become the best NYC florist.