Delicate Orchids Fluttering Among Perfect Roses

Graceful and delicate with a refined glamour, these ivory orchids and roses are the perfect luxury floral gift from the finest florist in New York City. When you want to send something with a little extra this is a top-rated choice for many occasions.
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Graceful Roses and Orchid Butterflies
Available in Three Color Choices
A Luxury Gift for Many Occasions

Better Orchids and Roses in a New Design from the Finest Florist in New York City

When it comes to taking two of the world`s most popular flowers -- the orchid and the rose -- and creating a fresh, new floral arrangement using both, it`s quite a feat for designers to pull off. But that is exactly what our creative directors have done in developing our premium roses and orchid butterflies style. If you have an occasion to treat someone special, this is the gift to send. In this elegant luxury look, two iconic blooms pair perfectly for a lush and indulgent effect. The most popular color option is a decision in favor of soothing neutals, in this case elegant cream tones. They are in the spotlight for in a play of subtlety and strength. This piece is quietly beautiful and peacefully rejuvenating.

Luxury Flowers to Send Same-Day When You Want to Try Something Beautiful and Different

Polished and abundant, upscale roses and orchids are a luxurious alternative to more expected looks that you might find in neighborhood flower shops in New York, NY. Therefore, sending a more expensive designer arrangement can be worth it in the long run for the thanks and appreciation you will receive. Often you send flowers when you cannot be someplace and this high-end bouquet will represent you exquisitely. Its play of textures, which truly is one of of soft and rich versus softer and richest, is amplified by the sheer luxuriousness of each bloom. Sculpted and shaped into a perfected and seriously chic appearance, you simply cannot go wrong with this popular and slightly formal floral arrangement.