Premium Orchid Plant in White | Double-Stem Blooming Phalaenopsis

You can order this expensive quality white orchid plant that is unlike anything else for personal or corporate gifts. Oversized and hearty, if you are splurging and sending the best orchids this is the one to pick. Your special person will be amazed.
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Premium White Orchids | Sustainable
Double-Stem Phalaenopsis Plant
Popular Corporate & Personal Gift

An Elegant, Light and Peaceful Feeling is the Vibe of This Premium Orchid Plant

Not all orchid plants delivered are alike. At Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design we go out of our way to help you send the heartiest, healthiest and most enduringly beautiful ones like this double-stem phalaenopsis. Sending a sustainable plant is a perfect way to help someone step back from modern life to revitalize and refocus. Orchids have a wonderful ability to install feelings of calm and relaxation, which is why they make ideal gifts. Corporate and personal occasions alike are perfect reasons to select an orchid plant in contemporary white to send same-day. We are well known for luxury and high-end design, and this certainly carries through to every phalaenopsis we feature.

Extraordinary Orchids for Discriminating People Accustomed to Receiving the Best of Everything

Upscale varieties with unique details and finishing touches are the hallmarks of our creative approach. For example, we use only the finest ceramic planters. The clarity and purity of their form adds a look of distinction and luxuriousness. Among corporate florists, we focus on high-end gifts that are suitable for executives, VIPs and celebrities. Highest quality phalaenopsis orchids are one of the most supremely elegant and undeniably impressive choices. In fact you might say these are the platinum standard for corporate floral gifting and are favored by firms from many business sectors. Same-day service and distinctive wrapping and presentation only add to their popularity.