Our Signature Style | Large White Modern Calla Lilies

Why not splurge and spend a little extra on these very high quality large white calla lilies? When sending these to someone in the fashion or art worlds, you are choosing a luxuriously abundant modern floral arrangement people always love.
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Large White Calla Lilies | Our Signature
for Art, Fashion & Modern Homes
Client`s Choice | Highly Rated

Clean, Elegant White Flowers that are the Ultimate in Pure Modern Sophistication

Tributes and superlatives barely describe the universal and supreme elegance of our Large White Modern Calla Lilies. They are a hands-down favorite of the style and trend-setting cognoscenti -- artists, designers, architects, creative directors. This genius look wins consistent raves and five-star ratings from nearly all who receive it. Considered the most regal of blooms by none other than the American Society of Florists, the calla lily is among the most powerful and distinctive blossoms in appearance. Given our stature as a leading luxury florist, Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design takes great pride in offering these as our signature style. Approximately 40-45 stems.

Tastefully Extravagant Beauty that is an Eternal Floral Symbol of Modernism and Refinement

Have you ever found the perfect flower? For us today, and for the artists and designers of the Art Nouveau movement, the calla lily often is regarded as the one. Its natural forms and structures are inherently beautiful. For many who are visually oriented, this is the epitome of organic structure. Our floral designers make it fast and convenient for you to send these all-time beauties same-day or next-day. In a world laden with contemporary options all competing for you attention, there are certain enduring style icons that continue to be in good taste year after year. Treat a special someone with this bouquet. It is worth the splurge.

Perfect Twist Styling Creates a Look that is Among the Most Sought-After for Corporate Flowers

Keeping in mind the aesthetic needs for high-end corporate floral arrangements in reception areas, building lobbies, restaurants, hotels, fashion showrooms, art galleries, architect studio, and corporate office suites, our creative directors often recommend simply styled flowers in white. Highest quality calla lilies can be among longer-lasting cut blooms and their size and stature makes them a transformational look for nearly any interior. The styling of this bouquet is great from a big picture standpoint covering things such as size, shape, vase and overall vibe. They also score high marks in smaller details thanks to a perfect twist design and precise placement of each bloom.

Extraordinary Quality Calla Lilies in Styles that are Effortless and Yet Design Forward

Trends may come and go but the first-class twist styling displayed here is well known for looking perfect and flawless. Infinitely versatile, it can be picture perfect in nearly any setting. For you quick and convenient ordering and sending from a florist well known for premium blooms and a sophisticated designer sensibility. Don`t hesitate to pamper yourself or an important person in your life with one of the most uniquely elegant luxury flower looks that adds a little something extra to so many occasions and settings. Its a full embrace of modernity that takes refinement and beauty to an entirely new level.