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Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham
Luxury Online Florist - Gabriela Wakeham

Large White Modern Calla Lilies for Fashion & Modern Homes Client`s Choice | Highly Rated

Beautiful white calla lily flower arrangement in an artful natural twist design placed in a graceful clear vase. Perfect white floral arrangement for the fashion industry, also modern homes, architectural offices, hotels, restaurants and reception areas.

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Modern floral arrangement of pure white calla lilies

A favorite among fashionistas, architects and creative directors of all types, the calla lily always delights the eye with its elegant appeal. Considered the most regal of flowers by the American Society of Florists, the calla lily is one of the most striking flowers in appearance. Our Pure White Modern Calla Lilies flower arrangement, however, takes that singular beauty and intensifies it to deliver a strong modern statement of good taste and refinement. Each stem is carefully chosen by our skilled team of floral artisans, then together the stems are elegantly twisted into a seemingly unending Mobius strip of sensuous lines and curves. This is a discreetly dramatic visual statement using white flowers that attracts attention and admiration.  The artists and designers of the 19th century`s Art Nouveau movement recognized the power of this bloom. They were inspired by natural forms and structures. To these geniuses, calla lilies were the epitome of organic structure. Now, across New York City, you can experience this inherent natural elegance with the Pure White Modern Cala Lilies flower arrangement.

Timeless elegance in one magnificent white single flower arrangement

Residential building, fashion showroom, architect studio, law office suite, Wall Street reception area, house of worship or hospital, this hand crafted luxury flower arrangement will enhance a range of interior design looks and standards. And, if you order before 11:00 AM, Eastern Time, on any weekday, the Pure White Modern Cala Lilies bouquet can be gracing your home or office that very same day. It doesn`t matter if you live or work in Battery Park City, Williamsburg, Murray Hill, the Upper East Side, Lower Fifth Avenue, the Meatpacking district or points in between, our dedicated concierge delivery crew will make sure your flower arrangement punctually arrives when and where you want it and, of course, always looking perfect and flawless. The calla lily goes by a number of different names including the arum lily, the trumpet lily and even the surprisingly named pig lily. Despite its many sobriquets the calla lilies are, ironically, not a true lilies at all. The exquisite white blooms of this flower belong to the same family of plants as the philodendron. The word "calla" is Greek for "magnificent beauty." And whereas the Ancient Romans saw it as a symbol of lust and sexuality, Christian culture has co-opted it as sign of the Virgin Mary and the chastity she embodies. 


The Calla Lililes are in Bloom Again

In the Hollywood cinematic classic, Stage Door, four-time Academy Award-winning actress Katherine Hepburn talks about the infinite versatility of calla lilies, recalling how she had them at her wedding and, later, at the funeral of a loved one. This sumptuous example of nature`s best in flowers is likewise picture perfect in any setting. A chic cocktail party, a downtown art gallery opening, a heartfelt memorial gathering, a congratulatory celebration in honor of a new business venture — the Pure White Modern Calla Lilies flower arrangement is appropriate for any number of occasions and events across NYC. But you don`t need to wait for a noteworthy date to order this bouquet. We are never happier than when we are helping you pamper yourself or someone you love with a lush and romantic flower arrangement. Life is too short not to enjoy fresh flowers!