Artisan Modern Colors | Purple and Pink Calla Lilies

Stunning and uniquely extravagant purple and pink calla lilies are a staff pick for the best expensive modern flowers. Their artisan flamboyance is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Hand arranged in a signature twist style that is unusual and beautiful.
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Modern Purple and Pink Calla Lilies
Regal & Beautiful for Loved Ones
Client`s Choice | Highly Rated

Stunning and Super Luxurious Calla Lilies | Our Ultimate Purple and Pink Flowers

Extravagant yet refined calla lilies in a mix of rich purples and pinks are among the most unforgettable modern flowers you can send. In person, they are slightly darker and richer than they appear in the online image. Hand-arranged in our contemporary twist styling they are shown in a clear rectangle vase. We can`t say enough about the inherent natural elegance of these luxury blooms. The simplest and most straightforward bouquet becomes exceptional by their mere presence. They absolutely are sensuous and seductive with a vibe like no other. Five-star rated and trending as most popular, these are a great choice.

Simply Remarkable Beauty in Quintessentially Modern Floral Styling | Ideal for Loved Ones, VIPs and Celebrities

No New York City neighborhood florist can match our quality, and calla lilies are among the most naturally luxurious blooms in our offering. As shown in these designer pink and purple hues, their opulence is undeniable. In an online floral store full of options, callas are perennial stand-outs. Flower experts often regard them as the most regal of blossoms and they are quintessentially modern in their appearance. A true Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design original, this one represents next-level creativity and is of the proper caliber for gifts to celebrities and VIPs. Approximately 30 stems.