Luxurious Opulence with a Wow Factor | Purple Orchids and Succulents Extravaganza

Overabundant purple orchids and succulents are some of the most opulent and extravagant floral arrangements in our expensive, high-end collection. This is a lavish and flamboyant design for celebrities and VIPs from the best New York City same-day florist
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Luxury Purple Extravaganza
Overflowing Orchids and Succulents
Truly Opulent, Elegant, Extravagant

Lavish and Impressive Deep Purple Orchids Highlight an Incredidbly Exciting Larger Style

Imagine if you will for a minute a superabundant arrangement of some of the more expensive flowers in the world that is around a foot high and more than a foot wide. When you have such an image fixed in your mind`s eye, you have an idea of the grandeur and scope of the Purple Orchids and Succulents Extravaganza that you easily can order for same-day flower delivery NYC. If you are shopping for one of the most indulgent and highest quality floral designs available, here is an option to give your most serious consideration. It simply is sensational in every way, and for someone who loves purple it might send them right over the moon.

When Your Really Want to Show Someone they Matter, Consider a Spectacular Floral Arrangement Like This

Upscale varieties of orchids and succulents in varying shades of deepest purple are bountifully arranged in a lush modern flower bed. The vase is a contemporary square in high-end black glass that is a perfect underpinning to such a stupendous design. There also is a look to this piece that makes it equally ideal to send for personal or corporate needs and it works perfectly for both women and men. Few styles from New York City florists can come anywhere near to the size and presence of this one. It has received compliments and five-star reviews from many who have been thrilled to receive it. Approximate size: 12"H x 14"W