Luxurious Romance Times Two | Burgundy Peonies and Long-Stem Red Roses

Truly stupendous and tall burgundy peonies and red long-stem roses create a vibe of extravagance in this show-stopping high-end romantic floral bouquet. Few blooms are as luxurious as peonies and when mixed with upscale roses their look is sensational.
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Premium Long-Stem Red Roses
and Premium Burgundy Peonies
or Similar Large Luxury Flower

Two of the Most Beautiful Flowers Combined in a Lavish and Extraordinary Bouquet

Combining two of the most glamorous, expensive and distinctive blooms is a sensational idea. This amazing taller bouquet of long-stem roses and premium burgundy peonies is unquestionably impressive. The artisan pairing of red and burgundy creates an unexpected blend of close colors, and the overall height adds even more to the aesthetic beauty. This is an original look from Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design and one in which our New York, NY florists take great pride. Branching out into original material and crafting new looks is a key part of our creative DNA. Send these to make a great impression on a special person.

One of Our Signature Romantic Flower Arrangements Featuring an Innovative Pairing of Close Colors

In an era of bold combinations, few have the discreet drama and visual power of this ultra high-end floral arrangement. Roses and peonies both are beautiful and eye catching. Putting them together in these hues and in a tall style exponentially increases the visual impact of both. The level of quality and style is off-the-charts. This is among the few designs that we refer to as possessing power styling, which means powerful colors and an unexpected mix of flower species. Quite simply if you are looking to order long-stem luxury flowers as a romantic gesture, we humbly offer these as one of the best choices available anywhere.