Unexpectedly Beautiful and Charming | Off-Tone Roses and Orchids

A daringly original mix of seemingly opposing colors make this one of the most creative new ideas in flowers today. The combination of brick red and saturated pink surprises the eye and its green leaf wrapping adds a striking contrast to the color mix.
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Contemporary Color Mixing
Off-Tone Red Roses and Purple Orchids
with Green Tropical Leaf Wrap

An Unusual Mix of Colors brings an Orchid and Rose Style Unlike Any Other

There are times when our creative team is all about breaking the rules. Here is a contemporary floral arrangement that genuinely pushes the envelope in terms of flower color mixing. In this surprising combination, a seeming clash of colors becomes uniquely beautiful in a contra play involving two of nature`s most sought-after blooms. Off-tone shades of red roses and purple orchids further are enhanced by a green leaf wrap at the base. Not for the faint of heart, this attention-grabber can be a great suggestion for people who value new ideas, originality and often ignore conventional ways of seeing things.

Going Against the Flow Often Can Bring Young, Surprising and Beautiful New Things to Our Lives

A true designer original, this style has an intentional theme of millennial romance. It is not something you might not see in a lot of online New York City flower shops. For us in fact, the surprising uniqueness is part of its appeal. Also the off-handed placement of the purple orchids above the red roses gives it a random charm and assures you that each one is completely unique. Challenging norms to add originality and variety throughout our collection is a value Gabriela Wakeham herself instilled, and it is one we follow to this day. If you want to shake things up and make a statement when you send flowers, choose these new orchids and roses.