Regal New Flowers of Romance | Red Roses with Pink Orchid Canopy

The extravagance of super tall pink orchids mixed with premium long-stem red roses is the stuff of legend. You can send this feat of floral design engineering to make the ultimate romantic floral statement. A lavish combination of two of nature’s icons.
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Perfect Long-Stem Red Roses
with Elegant Pink Orchid Canopy
Luxury Enhanced Romantic Bouquet

One of the Most Perfect New Floral Designs for People in Love | Ultimately Romantic Styling

In a photo gallery of distinctive high-end floral arrangements, few would stand out as much as this statuesque arrangement of long-stem roses and pink phalaenopsis orchids. Transformed by a lush orchid canopy, the red rose is made to look even more indulgent and expensive -- and this heightened glamour is an unconventionally powerful visual statement. Floral research into either of these blooms reveals them to be icons. When they are combined, the wow factor goes right over the top. Few online flower shops in NYC can offer you creativity and uniqueness of this caliber, and our designers place considerable emphasis on our collection of luxury roses.

Very Tall Orchids Provide the Highest Level of Embellishment to Luxurious Red Roses in Long-Stem Length

Phalaenopsis stems tall enough to align with long-stem roses are among the most luxurious and costly. The unconventional sight of taller orchids in combination with the rose makes for one of the more eye-catching bouquets for romance that you can order for delivery of flowers in New York City. Our design process has great respect for precision and sculpting, both of which are on clear display in the long stems and floral canopy of these orchids and roses. This is classic syling with a twist. It makes for some of the best romantic flowers you can send to a really special person on a very important occasion. In this one, quality truly reigns supreme.