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Whether you are thinking of sending a dramatic arrangement of roses, or a smaller "I love you" flower gift as a fun little surprise, gestures of romance are among the most important reasons to send luxury blooms. From reimagining classic rose bouquets to proposing completely new luxury floral looks, we strive to offer the best romantic flower delivery NYC. Our creative team includes talented up-and-coming florists who take great pride in their newer romantically inspired designs. They are open minded and all about trying new things with upscale roses, orchids, peonies and calla lilies. This helps us offer you romantic styles that are much more unique and interesting. Our collection is nearly evenly divided between pieces with a modern inflection versus those having more traditional seasonal themes. Whichever type you choose, you can rest assured knowing you will be sending designer flowers that are the epitome of good taste and refinement.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."



Our Designer Touch Adds Creativity, Flair and an Extraordinary Level of Quality to Every Piece

Because we are best known for our online New York City shop, you might be surprised to learn that we know many of our clients by name. Most of them have ordered from us many times and received thanks and great reactions to the flowers they have sent. If you are just coming across us for the first time and want to read more about what our customers have to say, we are proud of the five-star reviews we have received on Trustpilot and Yelp. Based on our designs and high quality, many have learned to love fresh-cut blooms evern more. In the same way, we would be honored to be selected on your next occasion to treat someone special. Also if time is of the essence when you are sending romantic flowers NYC, we often can help with same-day deliveries. Whether you already have found something in our collection or need to discuss a special request by email for phone, we are ready to help.

Bigger Can be Better When You Choose One of Our Most Extravagant and Flamboyant Bouquets

If you are in the market to send something attention grabbing and shockingly beautiful, consider Biedermeier Love Roses or our Luxury Rose Dome, Either of these is among the largest and most opulent arrangements of romantic flowers you can order in New York, NY and likely some of the biggest styles available anywhere. The Biedermeier comes in at a superabundant five-dozen premium roses and the Luxury Dome has an astonshing six-dozen long-stem beauties. The main difference between them is their luxurious color treatment. The Dome is solid-color and available in your choice of classic red, seductive magenta or modern white. The Biedermeier is a true Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design original and is an artisan progression of reds and deep reds. Both are hand arranged and take hours to create. Each has been a smash hit on Instagram already, especially around Valentine`s Day and other moments for romance, such as New Year`s Eve. When people have sent these to their lady loves at work, we have heard many times that everyone else in the office felt jealous. If you want to send a huge statement of love in the form of roses, put either one of these smash-hit looks to work for you right away.

Transformational Floral Design Helps You Go Over the Top | If This is a Moment to Splurge, We Have Genuinely Indulgent Blooms

To offer you better options, our romantic floral design reserarch is continuous. The Gabriela Wakeham team is tireless in its search for new sources of creative inspiration, especially when it comes to pattern, texture and color. From structured shapes to more free-flowing garden-style textured pieces, we also keep a constant focus on proportions and symmetry. These are what make a designer difference in the high-end flowers you order. Our expensive floral arrangements also are composed 100-percent of the finest quality blooms, and virtually no filler. Our prices are higher, but we are dedicated entiely to luxury and quality, and we feel the results can be sensational. Among New York City flower deliveries, we are ahead of the curve in nearly everything we offer. If you are at a moment in a red-hot romance when a sensuous and seductive bouquet is called for, we want to offer the most remarkable collection for your consideration.

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