Classic Luxury | Upscale Peach Roses in a Soft Spring Mix

Fancy peach roses, upscale greens and the finest natural birch vase make this one of the prettiest gifts in our collection. Its textured and fanciful look has a ladylike air that is in perfect balance thanks to its artistic style. It’s truly one-of-a-kind
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Soft Pastel Mix | Luxury Flowers
Peach Roses and Premium Greens
Distinctive Birch Vase

Polished and Refined | Our Peach Rose Version of Traditional High-End Mixed Flowers

For lovers of tradition, this mixed composition luxury floral arrangement spotlighting roses is an outstandingly elegant choice. Always popular and highly rated, our Soft Spring Mix with expensive peach roses has a naturally ladylike elegance. Designed by our best NYC florists, this piece has a textured garden style appearance and looks absolutely at home when delivered to the finest residences in the city. Picture it in the entryway or living room of a historic townhouse or spacious and light-flooded apartment home. Trends always will come and go, but a style such as this one is timeless and always appropriate.

Refreshing Lightness in Color and Style | A Floral Look Designed to Make You Feel Fancier

Peach roses may have a spring connotation but wonderfully they are available all year long. The light airy look of these designer flowers is further enhanced by a natural white birch vase. As foundations go, it couldn`t be a better match for the motif of the gentle pastel peach and green tones above. Classic styling gives this arrangement an undeniable appeal that is plush, lush and perfect. It also is a luxurious alternative when you want to send upscale roses with a light and peaceful feeling. It may cost a bit more than something from a neighborhood NYC flower shop, but definitely worth it in the long run. Approximate size 9"Hx10"W