Finest Cymbidium Orchids, Parrot Tulips and Succulents | Green Sophistication

Impressive cymbidium orchids, parrot tulips and succulent plants sit atop one of the most expensive and elegant dark wood vases in our offering. This is an under-appreciated sleeper hit that is in great taste and makes a very special gift.
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Distinctive Green Sophistication
Orchids, Parrot Tulips, Succulents
Top-Rated Luxury Corporate Gift

Ultimate Corporate Flowers | A Quietly Powerful Look with Finesse and Urbanity

If ever there were flowers created for executives, Board of Directors meeting rooms, or the front desk at a prestigious Manhattan law firm, these could be them. Also if sent to a home, a fitting look for a wood-paneled library. Powerful and grounded elegance is the theme of our Green Sophistication arrangement of parrot tulips, orchids and succulents. Because we want to be wider ranging that most online New York City flower shops, our designers go out of their way to include non-traditional pieces such as this one. This is a statement of strength with impressive character and distinctive controlled colors in refined earthy tones with discreet accents.

Stylish and Well Rounded Creativity with an Awareness of Office Interiors and Corporate Aesthetics

In general, NYC flowers need to be of a higher caliber because of the recipients receiving them and interiors where they will be placed. This contemporary composition of cymbidium orchids, parrot tulips and succulents meets and exceeds those high standards with finest quality and appropriate abundance. Its dark tone gloss-finish planter has a look of refinement that contrasts elegantly with the matte surfaces of the flowers and plants above. Definitely a next-level style, this one has a quiet yet interesting appeal. A Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design luxury exclusive, Green Sophistication can be delivered to all corporate and business centers.