Reimagined Classics | Multi-Color Tulips in Sophisticated Mixed Hues

Why not spend a little extra on the highest quality three-color mixed tulips. These are vastly more elegant than traditional tri-color flower combinations. This is a great choice to impress your friends with the best and its colors are unique each day.
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Designer Multi-Color Studio Tulips
Available in Bold or Softer Colors
Designer Choice - Colors Vary Daily

Beloved and Time-Honored Floral Favorites are Revitalized with Innovative Colorations

Place your luxury tulip order in the hands of our creative team and let them design an elegant color combination using the day`s best available shades. Exact hues vary daily, but you are assured of a supremely elegant two- or three-color mix in either bold tones or softer shades -- your choice that you specify when ordering. Daily market availability means each bouquet is a unique color combination, making every tulip arrangement a one-of-a-kind variation on the same popular style. Better and more creative use of colors is a designer touch you always can count on from Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design. 

A Designer Sensibility Inspires Everything We Do | Classical Styles are Redesigned and Made New

Reimagining classics using carefully selected luxury blooms as we do in the case of these multi-color tulips is one of our trademarks. Uniqueness and atypical styling help us offer you better looking designs than ones you might find at neighborhood flower shops in New York, NY. This high-end tulip arrangement also becomes more stylish thanks to our signature twist hand-arranging technique and we clearly display the entirety of each blossom in a clear contemporary vase. Making even the simplest of flowers shine is an important dimension of our creative philosophy, and with this look it easily helps you send the best tulips.