Extra Lush Peak-of-Season Luxury Flowers | Creative Director`s Favorite

The epitome of design perfection in luxury flowers sums up this super abundant seasonal arrangement. Its deep jewel-tone flowers have a slightly provocative under-current that easily surpasses conventional expectations. This is exceptional floral design.
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Super Lush Seasonal Luxury Flowers
Includes Peonies When Available
Supremely Elegant Larger Gift

The Finest Seasonal Blooms in a Larger Luxury Floral Arrangement Suitable Even for Celebrities and VIPs

This is a style our creative directors love and highly recommend. It is one where you put yourself in their hands to design a larger, extra-lush, high-end arrangement of the best seasonal flowers they can find in the legendary New York City flower market. They shop daily and this means they have an enormous knowledge of flowers and an up-to-date awareness of what is absolutely at its peak at this moment. Because we are one of the city`s leading luxury florists, of course they will include many of the most expensive blooms available depending on market availability. This may include peonies, ranunculus, anemones, tulips, roses and many others.

Creativity and Lavishness Reign Supreme in a Superabundant Look with an Incrdible Sense of Style

When you give our better New York floral designers the opportunity to let creativity flow unrestrained, the results can be show stopping. This premium seasonal floral arrangement always is a fresh contemporary take that changes color and texture depending on the moment in the year when it is ordered. Especially if you need to send a larger personal or corporate gift, or are ordering flowers for celebrities or VIPs, this can be an ideal same-day delivery choice. All of the most special blooms in proportions and styling that is satisfying to even the most discriminating viewer.